EIT Digital CEO makes the case for the data economy at Expo15

EIT Digital CEO makes the case for the data economy at Expo15

"Towards a data-driven economy: growing digital innovation and entrepreneurs"

On October 7, EIT Digital CEO, Willem Jonker will set out his vision for how digital advances will transform Europe and beyond, in a session supporting the EU Pavilion’s month-long focus on innovation.

The session will also showcase digital innovation currently transforming the market and hear from start-ups and students on their experiences in this rapidly evolving sector. Presentations will be followed by a range of panel discussions with business leaders, researchers and innovators, focusing on the impact of the data economy, IoT and future network solutions and how these developments are shaping education and entrepreneurship.

EIT Digital CEO, Willem Jonker, commented; “Digitalisation is penetrating all facets of our life and society with often disruptive impact, changing business models and affecting jobs. A resilient Europe will need to invest in the development of digital skills, stimulate digital entrepreneurship and drive digital innovation.”

Live video stream

The live video stream will be available here on 7 October 2015, stay tuned.

Programme: October 7, 11 am-2pm, EU Pavilion Milan Expo15

  • Keynote: EIT Digital, a new name for an established leader in the European ICT marketplace - Willem Jonker, CEO EIT Digital
  • Panel discussion and Q&A: The making of future entrepreneurs – Chaired by Anders Flodström, Education Director EIT Digital
  • Panel discussion and Q&A: The shift towards a data economy – Chaired by Roberto Saracco, Director Italy EIT Digital
  • Panel discussion and Q&A: New customers and providers, an innovative view to IoT – Chaired by Henrik Abramowicz, Future Networking Solutions lead, EIT Digital
  • Panel discussion and Q&A: Growing entrepreneurship – Chaired by Klaus Beetz, Business Director, EIT Digital
  • Conclusion: The future is what we make of it - Chahab Nastar, CSO, EIT Digital.

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