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Machine Learning for Financial Data

EIT Digital Finance Summer School

July 22 - August 4 Apply now

Financial data analytics is in high demand in areas such as for predicting prices at the stock market or for analysing the dependencies of prices on underlying components. Pattern mining or recommendation techniques represent are also of interest for a broad range of applications.

However, deep learning technologies, data and pattern mining, data visualisation for human Artificial Intelligence(AI) interaction and enhanced user experience poses several challenges to financial data analytics.

This Summer School will introduce the basic, underlying machine learning principles (both supervised and unsupervised). The two-week course will also cover data and pattern mining on the web of special transactions-like data as well as visualisation techniques.

Participants will be engaged in discussions on how to join these technologies to combine machine computational capabilities and human insight. You will also work on business assignments for innovative use of machine learning in cooperation with input from companies and start-ups in the Budapest region.

Summer School Fee

Category Fee 1 week Fee 2 weeks Accommodation Travel
EIT Digital Doctoral students Not Applicable Mobility Allowance Incl Incl
Students, ARISE countries Not Applicable Stipend Incl Incl
Students, other universities (incl. partner universities) Not Applicable €750 €250 Excl
Business community        
EIT Digital Alumni €1.4001 €1.9601 Excl2 Excl
Professionals, partner companies3 €1.4001 €1.9601 Excl2 Excl
Professionals, external companies €1.750 €2.450 Excl2 Excl
  1. Discount 20%
  2. Offer to join EIT Digital master student's hotel EIT at a price of €250 (shared room for 12 nights)
  3. EIT Digital member companies
  4. Students must attend 2 weeks

Summer School programme

The first week of the Summer School you will be introduced to the theory of the action lines by lecturers from the academic and business world. It will be network activities and introduction to the cases for the business development assignment. You will be divided into teams and start to work on the ideation phase and will by the end of the week present a value proposition and a revenue model.

The second week you will continue with team work turning the business idea into a viable business plan with start-up strategy, marketing and financial planning. You and your team will present a business plan at the end of the week in a final pitch in front of a business panel.

To bring the Summer School participants up to the same level of the basic understanding of Innovation and Entrepreneurship topics, an online starter-kit will be sent out before entering the following Summer School 2018.

If you are from the business community or the EIT Digital Alumni network, you have the possibility to choose to participate only the first week or complete the full two-week course.


Stipends (scholarships) are available for students enrolled at a university and who have a nationality in one of the following 14 European countries (ARISE): Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia. Stipends (scholarships) for Summer School students from these countries include all costs (fee, travel, lodging and catering). Please indicate your nationality.

Please note, if you apply for a stipend the last application date is 15 May, 2018. A stipend is given for one occasion only.

Registration for stipends application is closed.

Get to know Antonio

Antonio Garcia HortalAntonio Garcia Hortal is the Action Line Leader Digital Finance.

Antonio has been an executive for 20+ years in top-level companies, both multinational organizations and important local groups, developing leading functions related with Technology and Innovation, with a special focus lately in Digital Transformation and Technology Trends Impact. He was R&D Technology Director in Banco Santander, taking the responsibility for identifying and assessing emergent technology trends that could impact the bank business, searching business innovation opportunities based on Technology and analysing digital disruption in financial services industry, especially with the rising of the FINTECH ecosystem (Big Data, IoT, Biometrics, Omnichannel, Blockchain,…).

Previously, he was CEO of INFOCAJA, a company founded by five banks to share their banking information systems. Here he had to define a completely new Strategy and Business Model to transform the organization, its processes and resources. During his former career in Vodafone, he was Head of Technology in different roles, and finally Head of R&D in the Spain Hub, as part of the Vodafone R&D Global Organization. The VF-R&D Spain Hub became the Centre of Excellence for the rising Mobile App Trend in Vodafone.

His career begun in consulting, becoming one of the leaders of SAP practice in Accenture Spain (Andersen Consulting at that time).

He has also founded and led SmartDiyers, a start-up proposing a new business model on Digital Design and Manufacturing for everyone, based on a Do-It-Yourself approach.

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