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The first week of the Summer School you will be introduced to the theory of the action lines by lecturers from the academic and business world. It will be network activities and introduction to the cases for the business development assignment. You will be divided into teams and start to work on the ideation phase and will by the end of the week present a value proposition and a revenue model.

The second week you will continue with team work turning the business idea into a viable business plan with start-up strategy, marketing and financial planning. You and your team will present a business plan at the end of the week in a final pitch in front of a business panel.

To bring the Summer School participants up to the same level of the basic understanding of Innovation and Entrepreneurship topics, an online starter-kit will be sent out before entering the following Summer School 2018.

If you are from the business community or the EIT Digital Alumni network, you have the possibility to choose to participate only the first week or complete the full two-week course.

Week 1 (2 July - 7 July)

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sunday
09:00 Openning session - Welcome Healthcare paradigm shift. Health & Technology. Implications for business development. Longer Independent Living: New trends in life sciences How (Health) startups win in a globalized world. What other challenges do you expect to experience when looking at healthcare disparities and inequalities across Europe. How to tell customers that your business is right for them? The value proposition statement. Teams value proposition: the yes and the nos. Pitch Preparation PaintBall
  Break Break Break Break Break
11:00 Case presenters pitch their startups to students. Q&A session B2B and B2C Segmentation Team work Non verbal communication; articulating the message in a persuasive manner. Teams to prepare key idea to convey. IOT in healthcare - Use cases. Mid term presentations Presentations feedback.
  Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:00 Cases to be assigned Rules of the school to be defined Ideation workshop Industry Visit Business Models for Longer Independent Living. Living longer: The brain, music & technology. Surf Camp
  Break Break Break Break Break
16:00 Icebreaker. Interactive workshop on how to build a team Team Work PITCH CONTENT Industry Visit Team Work Meet the technology: Brain-Answer
  Dinner Dinner   Dinner Dinner  
18:30     Social Event Pitch rehearsal   Social Dinner

Week 2 (9 July - 13 July)

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09:00 Regulatory and ethical issues on health care data Behavioural economics - adoption issues. Social Media in Health Care Pitch Polish Team Work Action line of Digital Wellbeing overview.
  Break Break Break Break Break
11:00 Industry Visit Start-up finances: the fundamentals COCA & CLTV Pitch Polish Team Work Evaluation forms
  Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch  
14:00 Team Work Build your mock website Team work Team work Final Pitches Farewell Lunch
  Break Break Break Break Break
16:00 Team Work Team work - Using Storytelling to convey your message Team Work Final Pitches Free Afternoon
  Dinner Dinner Dinner    
18:30     Pitch Rehearsal Social Dinner  

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