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EIT Digital Academy Summer Schools 2018

Business relevant Summer Schools in Digital Transformation

Get insights in the latest digital technology innovation and business development this summer!

The Summer School's topics are selected for the relevance and challenges they pose, in an European context of global digital transformation and business models in a digital world. You will learn more about innovations and business cases relating to EIT Digital Action Lines Digital Industry, Digital Cities, Digital Wellbeing, Digital Infrastructure, and Digital Finance.

Get inspired by the lectures, visits to companies, scale-ups, innovation labs and/or incubators. You will get insights through discussions and team activities with students as well as participants from the business community. Choose from t en Summer Schools, which will be held at locations throughout Europe and where inspiration and real-world challenges will be presented by innovation- and business leaders from our accelerator, start-ups and network of industrial partners.

It is a two-week course mandatory for EIT Digital Master School students and open for business participants and external students. As a business participant you have the option to join for only the first week or complete the full two-week course. Read more about the fees for different participant categories, how to apply and stipends in the sections below.

Learning by doing and grow your network
As a participant in the Summer School you will work in teams and apply “learning by doing” to develop a mindset and skills for innovation and entrepreneurship. We hope you will take this great opportunity to learn and network with students and professional intrapreneurs from the business and innovation community.

Get the competence
Learn how disruptive technologies have an impact on markets and businesses, and how business models are changing.

Get the confidence
Learn the different stages of the business development process and how to turn a business idea into a viable go-to-market proposal.

Get the soft skills
Teamwork with peers and multidisciplinary professionals, tools and real business challenges will help you implement your learnings and bring them home to your own business.

2018 Summer Schools programme

Digital CitiesDigital Cities

Rapid urbanisation is triggering important issues. Our Summer Schools respond to the challenge of maintaining attractive, inclusive and safe urban environments by using the new digital tools and their transformative power.

Digital Industry Digital Industry

New digital technology and the associated digital transformation change the way we manufacture. Earlier business models based on cheap labour and outsourcing is no longer valid. Our summer schools focus on digitised factories, blended retail, personalised products and data-driven processes.

Digital Wellbeing Digital Wellbeing

Digital technologies enable solutions to prevent and early detect early stage mental and physical disorders. This can avoid larger health problems, lower healthcare costs and raise the quality of life at home and at work. Digital technologies can shape healthier lifestyles, allows for increased active longevity and for easy accessible care.

Digital Infrastructure Digital Infrastructure

Digital Infrastucture is the generic enabler of digital transformation through providing secure, robust, responsive and intelligent communications, data handling and access to software applications. Our summer schools target the generic technologies that drive the digital economy.

Digital FinanceDigital Finance

Digital Finance delivers innovative financial products and services using digital technology. The objective is to make financial systems safer, simpler and increase customer value.

Why should you participate?

Take the opportunity to stay competitive and grow your skills in the digital age!

"At the EIT Digital Academy Summer School, I learned the skills to evolve my business using digital transformation. I required a new set of skills that enable me to move from advocacy to implementation. That will help me create the future that I want."...continue reading.

Dr Roland Clarke

After completion of Summer School, you will be able to:

  • Design a digital innovation business model for increased higher customer value and increased economic return.
  • Identify and assess the impact of digital technologies and their transformative power.
  • Understand user value, business life cycles, global market trends, industry value chains, market segments, IPR issues as well as financial and risk-related issues.
  • Apply new acquired presentation and communications skills, decision-making and leadership competencies.
  • Reflect on ethical, societal, scientific and sustainability views as a developer of new products, technologies and business models.

Who can participate?

The EIT Digital Academy Summer Schools are a mandatory module for EIT Digital Master School students who are in one of our eight technical programmes. These students learn in two years’ time how to turn their technological knowledge into business. The Summer Schools allow also doctoral students, and students from other universities.

The Summer School’s also welcome business people who want a deep dive into relevant new digital themes. Business intrapreneurs who wants to take the chance to work together with students and participants from the business community, on real life business cases in an unique opportunity to learn and fully grasp the technology and to turn that into business.

All admissions are subject to the approval of each local Summer School organiser.

Please register before 11 June, 2018.

How to apply?

If you want to join one of the ten unique EIT Digital Academy Summer Schools, you should apply before 11 June, 2018.

If you are an EIT Digital Doctoral student - for more information, contact your EIT Digital DTC tutor and register using the application form below.

If you are a student from one of the ARISE countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia) you have the opportunity to apply for a stipend. For more information about stipends, look in the section "Stipends".

Please note, the last application date is 11 June, 2018.

Application procedure:

  • Click on the "Apply Now" button below and follow the registration steps. If you apply for a stipend, go to the next section "Stipends".
  • When accepted, you will be invoiced according to your Summer School fee category. This will cover all expenses for the Summer School except for accommodation and travel to and from the Summer School. If you wish, you can choose to have the same hotel accommodation as the EIT Digital Master students at a price of €250 (shared room for 12 nights).
  • If you need a visa, you must personally arrange for this in time.
  • About one month prior to the start of the Summer School, you will receive an online assignment (estimated time 8 hours) on business modelling methods and tools. This assignment shall be completed one week before the start of the Summer School. The purpose of the assignment is to align the participants knowledge with the EIT Digital master students.
  • To finalize your registration, you need to prepare an application letter, a photo, your CV and a copy of your passport. (The application letter should contain a description of your entrepreneurial experience and motivation e.g. what you expect to learn (max 500 words).)

For additional information, please contact us at: masterschool@eitdigital.eu

Apply now

Summer School Fee

Category Fee 1 week Fee 2 weeks Accommodation Travel
EIT Digital Doctoral students Not Applicable Mobility Allowance Incl Incl
Students, ARISE countries Not Applicable Stipend Incl Incl
Students, other universities (incl. partner universities) Not Applicable €750 €250 Excl
Business community        
EIT Digital Alumni €1.4001 €1.9601 Excl2 Excl
Professionals, partner companies3 €1.4001 €1.9601 Excl2 Excl
Professionals, external companies €1.750 €2.450 Excl2 Excl
  1. Discount 20%
  2. Offer to join EIT Digital master student's hotel EIT at a price of €250 (shared room for 12 nights)
  3. EIT Digital member companies
  4. Students must attend 2 weeks


Stipends (scholarships) are available for students enrolled at a university and who have a nationality in one of the following 14 European countries (ARISE): Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia. Stipends (scholarships) for Summer School students from these countries include all costs (fee, travel, lodging and catering). Please indicate your nationality.

Please note, if you apply for a stipend the last application date is 15 May, 2018. A stipend is given for one occasion only.

Registration for stipends application is closed.

We look forward to seeing you at the Summer Schools.

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