EIT Digital Summer Schools 2017

What are the Summer Schools about?

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A key component in EIT Digital Master School students’ innovation and entrepreneurship education is compulsory attendance at a two-week long summer school during the interval between the two academic years. The summer schools are also open to external participants, including secondees from our industrial partners.

This summer, ten summer schools will be held at locations throughout Europe, during which students and external attendees immerse themselves in real business cases originating from EIT Digital’s accelerators, startups and network of industrial partners.

The summer schools are linked to our Action Lines, themed around the five areas we see as the most challenging and that are also opportunities for Europe to take a leadership position in the global digital economy: Digital Industry, Digital Cities, Digital Wellbeing, Digital Infrastructure, and Digital Finance.

2017 Summer Schools programme

EIT Digital Cities
By 2050, two thirds of the world’s population will live in cities. Our summer schools respond to the challenge of maintaining attractive, inclusive and safe urban environments though the digital transformation of cities.

Urban Mobility, Safety and Exploration Nice June 25 - July 8
Citizen Participation and City Governance Berlin July 23 - August 5

EIT Digital Industry

With digital transformation, manufacturing industry is faced with new technological opportunities and business models. Our summer schools focus on digitised factories, blended retail, personalised products and data-driven processes.

Decentralized Production Munich July 30 - August 12
Retail, Markets, Consumer Engagement Helsinki August 6 - August 18

EIT Digital Wellbeing

Slowing down the growth of healthcare costs and maintaining the quality of life are the focus of our summer schools. Digital technologies are leveraged both for achieving healthier lifestyles and for long-term care of chronic conditions.

Healthy Lifestyle and Occupational Fitness Lisbon July 2 - July 15
Independent Living and Long‐term Care Eindhoven August 6 - August 19

EIT Digital Infrastructure

Digital infrastructure is the core enabler of digital transformation by providing secure, robust, responsive and intelligent communications and computation facilities. Our summer schools target the technologies that drive the digital economy.

Cybersecurity and Privacy Trento July 1 - July 15
Big Data Analytics Stockholm August 6 - August 19
Internet of Things and Business Transformation Stockholm August 6 - August 19

EIT Digital Finance
Digital Finance is the delivery of innovative financial products and services through digital technology, with the objective of making financial systems more reliable, transparent, and customer friendly.

Blockchains for Economic Security Budapest July 23 - August 5

What are the learning objectives?

The two-week summer school programme consists of focused lectures by academics and practitioners, project work, customer interviews, site visits to companies and socializing events. An important aspect of the summer school is the interaction with companies and entrepreneurs. Students are introduced to the state-of-the-art, including lab and company visits.

The theme related lectures, keynotes and visits will be interleaved with project work on business cases provided by EIT Digital partner companies.

The programme includes visits to innovation labs and incubators, presentations by high-tech startup companies and discussions with young technology-based founders and entrepreneurs. The summer school will end with a pitching session in front of a business panel.

After completion of the summer school, attendees will have the ability to:

  • Perform a business planning process in the context of a societal relevant thematic area.
  • Identify and assess the impact of ICT technologies and innovations in the thematic area, its markets and stakeholders (competitors, alliances, networks) and business opportunities they create.
  • Understand user-centricity, business life cycles, global market trends, industry value chains, market segments, IPR issues, financial and risk-related issues.
  • Apply personal presentation and communications skills, decision-making and leadership competencies.
  • Reflect upon ethical, societal, scientific and sustainability considerations when developing new products/technologies and business models.

Who should participate?

Summer schools are a mandatory two-week event for the EIT Digital Master School students.

They are also open to external applicants such as Master students, PhD students, secondees from our industrial partners and Bachelor students.

Admission is subject to the approval of each local Summer School organizer.

How can I register?

Registration is closed.

The summer school programme is open to external participants. The procedure for enrolment is as follows:

  • Press the 'Apply' button, follow the registration steps and upload supporting material such as bachelor degree certificate and a description of entrepreneurial experience and motivation (e.g. what you expect to learn).
  • When accepted, you will be invoiced for the fee of €750. This will cover all expenses for the summer school except for accommodation and travel to and from the summer school. If you wish, you can choose to have the same hotel accommodation as the EIT Digital master students at the price of €250 euro on the basis of a shared room (12 nights).
  • If needed, you will have to take care for the visa application yourself.
  • One month before the summer school, you will be asked to complete an on-line assignment on business modelling methods and tools in order to align your knowledge with that of the EIT Digital master students.

Application deadline is May 31, 2017.

Those who require visas are strongly urged to make their application more then a month before the deadline.

For additional information, please contact us at: masterschool@eitdigital.eu


Stipends are available for students coming from a subset of European countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Malta. Stipends to the Summer School students coming from these countries include all costs (fee, travel, lodging, catering during the course). Please indicate your citizenship.

Please note, we don’t have any other stipends available and a stipend is given only once.

We look forward to seeing you at the Summer Schools.

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