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Europe is facing great societal challenges and needs to educate students with both excellent technical knowledge and the capability to transform technology into business. That is why the EIT Digital Doctoral School offers Industrial Doctorates. 

Within an Industrial Doctorate, PhD students work under academic supervision on research assignments from industry and benefit from continuous tutoring from this industry. 

The Doctoral School offers an ICT Innovation programme where doctoral candidates acquire a mindset for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E).

After graduation, these doctors will be commercially aware ICT leaders who understand current and future challenges, as well as the opportunities that these present to industry. To achieve this goal, the Doctoral School organizes a standardized I&E education that complements and enriches the doctoral studies of each candidate.

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Elements of the Doctoral School on ICT Innovation

EIT Digital Doctoral School graduates

The Doctoral School on ICT Innovation features three specific elements:

  • Hands-on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education consisting of two phases; Business Competence phase followed by a Business Development Experience
  • Mobility; six months of geographical mobility and six months of organisational mobility
  • Thematic alignment of the I&E thesis to the Innovation Areas of EIT Digital

Business Competence

The Business Competence courses are followed during the doctoral studies and amount to a study load of 30 ECTS. The Business Competence phase consists of three components:

  • Opportunity Recognition (one week);
  • Business Modelling and Development (15 weeks);
  • Growth and Harvest (one to two weeks).

Business Development Experience

The Business Development Experience provides six months of organisational mobility to work in a business-driven environment. It can be either an internship period at a large company or SME, or with a startup in an innovation-friendly place, such as an incubator. The Business Development Experience is assessed with an I&E thesis, written in English.

Doctoral Training Centres

 Students of the Doctoral School work in the Doctoral Training Centres.

 Doctoral Training Centres (DTCs) provide a multi-disciplinary and inspiring work environment, aligned with the thematic innovation areas of EIT Digital. For more information about the DTCs, visit the DTC web pages on the Doctoral School website.

David Oliva Uribe


David Oliva Uribe

Head of Doctoral School

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