31 May - 1 June 2022
The Egg, Brussels, Belgium


LMAD - Last Mile Autonomous Delivery.

TINALP - Augmented classroom to empower education through the advanced holographic hybrid experience.

Ellure - Lipstick made by you.

VisionAnchor - World's first smart anchoring system for boats making anchoring safer for captains, crew & the environment.

IDRO - World's first real-time lactate measurement.

Hynnova - Mathematics and Innovation for Life Sciences.

AI4FPP - Enabling personalized interactions with each user through AI.

DATATEGY - Next Gen Enterprise AI.

Workwize - Remote working made easy.

Check Point Cardio Ltd - Smart monitoring, safer care.

Innotractor - Removing waste from supply chains by implementing IoT solutions.

DecisionBrain - Custom, Modular Planning, Scheduling & Logistics AI Solutions.

Greenhabit - The cure for chronic diseases and healthy ageing.

MIPU Predictive Hub - Bringing the power of AI and prediction into factories and cities. - Become your customer’s health companion. Motivate your insured to adopt health-conscious behavior in everyday life in a playful way.

iGenius - Humanize data and artificial intelligence.

Vaimoo - Enhancing Movement.

Rooom - Enterprise Metaverse Solutions.

Structr - Low-Code Application Platform based on Graph Technology.

UPCLUE - Your solution for fashion production optimization.

Nect - Your everyday ID Wallet from Germany. Made by Nect.

Huawei - Green ICT, Open Source & Intelligent Computing for a fully connected, intelligent world.

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