Winners 2017

Winners 2017

Five outstanding digital technology scaleups won the EIT Digital Challenge 2017

Digital Industry

trinckle 3D
trinckle 3D (Germany) eases the entire design process of 3D printed products and lowers the entry barrier to 3D printing significantly with their cloud based platform.
CEO: Florian Reichle

Digital Cities

Cleverciti Systems

Cleverciti Systems (Germany) provides a sensor technology that points drivers via app to free parking spots in cities, thus reducing search traffic and air pollution and improving the quality of life in cities.
CEO: Thomas Hohenacker

Digital Wellbeing

Lexplore (Sweden) has developed a technology using artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify dyslexia in a child as early as in elementary school.
CEO: Fredrik Wetterhall

Digital Infrastructure

ApiOmat (Germany) enables companies to integrate their enterprise IT systems with mobile devices and wearables, allowing them to rapidly create apps that innovate their business.
CEO: Marcel Etzel

Digital Finance

OptioPay (Germany) revolutionises the way people receive money with a platform that enables businesses to offer beneficial payout options such as higher-value gift vouchers to their clients.
CEO: Marcus Börner

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