Winners 2015

Winners 2015

Idea Challenge 2015 - all winners at a glance

We received over 460 applications from 26 EU-countries. More than 70 start-ups were selected to pitch their innovative ideas in front of expert juries at one of the eight final events that took place in cities across Europe.

We now proudly present the 24 awarded teams! They will become part of EIT Digital’s unique ecosystem, an international innovation network including global companies, world-leading universities, research institutes, and cutting-edge innovators. Welcome!

Cyber-Physical Systems

#1: Gleechi AB (Sweden) 

Gleechi have developed the first software solution that makes it easy to animate hands that can move and interact freely and realistically.

#2: UAVIA (France) 

UAVIA  offer one-click aerial inspections and surveillance, from your desk. The technology enables total autonomous drone operation in the field without any need for human intervention – IoT and Drones finally united.

#3: Cohaerentia (Italy) 

Multipurpose fibre optic sensor exploiting a universal hardware core and a software customized for predictive maintenance manifold demands.

Cyber Security & Privacy

#1:DigiFlak (Estonia) 

Flak Secuters are all-in-one security devices, which are designed to protect the sensitive data of end users and companies, based on a dedicated Flak chipset hardware and SecuritOS firmware.

#2: Mynigma (Germany) 

M is an email app with built-in encryption. End-to-end security meets usability.

#3: Coblue (Netherlands) 

STORRO is an application to share, save and manage files – like the cloud but completely secure and private, as data is not stored at third parties. 

Future Cloud

#1: Carbon Analytics (United Kingdom) 

Automated, full-scope environmental assessment for small businesses utilising innovative data and cloud infrastructure.

#2: Tanker (France) 

Tanker edits a strong endpoint cyber-security solution to secure small businesses' data and communications.

#3: Julie Desk (France) 

Julie Desk is an AI based scheduling assistant that schedules meetings and appointments by email like a real assistant.

Health and Wellbeing

#1: DAMAE Medical (France) 

DAMAE Medical develops an innovative instrument providing dermatologists with a new in vivo imaging technique capable of producing images similar to histology images without the need for skin tissue excision.

#2: SENSOLUS (Belgium) 

NOAH expands comfort and safety for people you care for by providing insights in their daily life patterns through wireless stickers directly connected to the internet, without configuration or charging.

#3: 7Mind GmbH (Germany) 

7Mind has created a mobile Mindfulness training suited to the needs of executives and regular employees. Their apps help companies reducing stress levels and enhance the productivity of their employees.

Internet of Things

#1: Sensefinity (Portugal) 

Sensefinity is a focused SaaS, out-of-the-box Hardware and configuration-less communications to guarantee food and vaccine safety.

#2: Tractive GmbH (Austria)

Tractive is an award-winning ecosystem for pet owners and pet lovers. Tractive designs, develops and creates pet wearables and apps in the pet space to help and assist pet owners.

#3: TEEPTRAK (France) 

Internet of Things for industries: TeepTrak is a set of cost effective tools to monitor production effectiveness in real-time and improve in a fast and sustainable way.

Smart Energy Systems

#1: (Austria) 

be.ENERGISED is the innovation leading platform in charge point management including billing and invoicing capabilities for charging processes in public and semi-public areas.

#2: Peeeks (Netherlands) 

By unlocking the flexibility present in cooling houses, Ice skating rinks, oil terminals and other industrial processes, Peeeks can save the owners of those processes up to 40% of their energy bill, and at the same time help stabilise the energy grid.

3: SEMU (Estonia) 

Semu is developing a device for visually impaired and blind people that enables them to use home automation systems to make their homes safer and more efficient.

Smart Spaces

#1: Ekin Labs Oy  (Finland) 

Ekin Labs’ software technology HI WIFI transforms existing WiFi networks into a smart security system that is able to detect human presence and motions.  

#2: Sorry as a Service (Estonia) 

Sorry as a Service offer a customer retention platform that helps retailers to retain unhappy clients. Customer support agents can dispatch physical apologies to their clients within their CRM system.

#3: PopPlaces (Spain) 

PopPlaces is a Spanish marketplace that offers spaces to rent on an hourly or daily basis e.g. for pop up stores, events or private occasions.

Urban Life and Mobility

#1: Karos (France) 

Karos offer a car-pooling service that allows you to commute every day in comfortable, affordable, and ecological way. 

#2: ADDACT (Germany)

ADDACT offers a platform that puts fans in charge of where music concerts take place and helps organisers maximise ticket sales and reduce their risks.

#3: ZonzoFox (Italy) 

ZonzoFox is a personal navigation tool that helps visitors discover cities, suggesting interesting places to visit. It uses technology to replicate the great advice you would get if you had a local friend in a particular city.

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