Winners 2014

Winners 2014

Idea Challenge 2014 - 24 awarded teams out of 790 submissions from 27 EU-countries.

Health & Wellbeing


1. Tinnitracks (Germany)
Tinnitracks is a therapeutic app for the neuro-acoustic treatment of tinnitus. The technology filters patients’ individual tinnitus frequencies from their favourite music thus reducing nerve cell activities in the brain which cause the ringing tone.
CEO: Joerg Land

SOMA Analytics

2. SOMA Analytics (UK)
Soma Analytics offers a smartphone application that measures, manages and reduces stress in the workplace. Employees benefit from improved mental resilience and productivity while employers reduce attrition and absenteeism.
CEO: Johann Huber

Horus Technology

3. Horus Technology (Italy)
Horus is a wearable device to assist blind and visually impaired people during the entire day. Horus observes, understands and describes the environment to the person, providing useful information in a discreet way and at the right time.
CEO: Saverio Murgia

Smart Spaces


1. Homey (Netherlands)
Homey takes home automation to the next level: it combines the possibilities of home automation with entertainment systems and information services, and is much swifter in interaction compared to current, smartphone-app controlled systems.
CEO: Stefan Witkamp


2. Qgo (Austria)
QGo (Queue-Go) is a system which uses graphical data collected through cameras and analysed through an algorithm, in order to quantify the number of people in a queue and estimate the amount of time a person has to wait
in line, given the circumstances.
CEO: Jakob Schröger


3. Avansera (Finland)
Avansera provides advanced real-time consumer behavioral and product performance analytics in retail environments across all chains and geographical locations. Avansera provides the best and most effective marketing platform to communicate prices, availability, offers and product and store information to profiled consumers.
CEO: Cormac Walsh

Cyber Physical Systems


1. KONUX (Germany)
KONUX offers a technology that reduces industrial maintenance costs, optimizes asset lifecycles and increases production capacity with sensor systems and analytics based on artificial intelligence.
CEO: Andreas Kunze

Kinexon One

2. Kinexon One (Germany)
Kinexon ONE powers the internet of things with smart location and motion data. It is an innovative real time location and motion sensing solution. Besides location and motion it also detects the condition and status of people, objects and workflows.
CEO: Oliver Trinchera


3. 3YOURMIND (Germany)
3YOURMIND offers easy 3D printing solutions for industry. On an online 3D workflow, users upload their 3D files, which are automatically optimized for a better result, compare prices among various printing services and order in different materials.
CEO: Stephan Kühr

Future Cloud


1. Testfabrik (Germany)
Testfabrik makes, a software for the automatic testing of web applications. With, companies and developers make sure that their applications work correctly and look the same across all relevant platforms and devices.
CEO: Bernd Pohl


2. Agroptima (Spain)
Agroptima is an agricultural cloud and a farm management tool. It’s goal is to modernize farming and significantly improve its efficiency, by providing access to real fields’ data and a tool to process and manage this data to make better decisions, increase productivity and save costs.
CEO: Emilia Vila Valls


3. LeanXcale (Spain)
LeanXcale is an ultra-scalable big data management platform for information-hungry organizations. It can scale up in velocity (up to millions of events per second), variety (from structured to unstructured data) and volume (up to hundreds of terabytes).
CEO: Ricardo Jimenez-Peris

Smart Energy Systems

Neural Electric NNGC

1. Neural Electric NNGC (UK)
In today's electric power systems, power converters play an increasingly important role in the integration of smart grids and renewable energy resources and energy storage devices.
CEO: Eduardo Alonso-Fernandez

ICE Gateway

2. ICE Gateway (Germany)
ICE Gateway transfers the outdoor light poles to a secure strategic wireless infrastructure for intelligent lighting, traffic services and Apps, by replacing the today´s ballasts in existing lights with its innovative ICE Gateways.
CEO: Ramin Mokhtari

Easy Smart Grid

3. Easy Smart Grid (Germany)
Easy Smart Grid (ESG) is a powerful, affordable and robust technology. Cheap renewables drive the energy system transformation. Consumer flexibility (e.g. demand side management) allows to balance their volatility and minimize storage cost.
CEO: Thomas Walter

Cyber Security & Privacy


1. Chino (Italy)
Chino offers to digital health businesses secure API and database to safely store, access and share sensitive data in compliance with the European data protection laws.
CEO: Jovan Stevovic


2. Cleafy (Italy)
Cleafy offers a security solution to protect business services from sophisticated and elusive cyber-threats. It checks services in real-time, provides direct evidence and immediately takes responsive follow-up actions.
CEO: Matteo Bogana


3. Sentryo (France)
Sentryo develops a hardware and software cybersecurity solution for the industrial Internet and machine-to-machine networks to prevent, detect and respond to cyber attacks.
CEO: Thierry Rouquet

Internet of Things


1. Undagrid (Netherlands)
Undagrid connects and makes assets interact through an autonomous communication network combined with an innovative tracking technology. It provides endless opportunities to optimize logistical processes, and create new business models and services.
CEO: Rolf Van de Velde


2. Evothings AB (Sweden)
Evothings is a suite to easily develop, test and deploy mobile applications for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The applications run live during the development and show instantly how every code iteration works with the IoT device.
CEO: Alex Jonsson


3. Sensewaves (France)
Sensewaves, through its sound-analysis-inspired platform Adaptix, provides utilities with adaptive machine learning tools to analyse asset behaviours and take better mission-critical decisions.
CEO: Fivos Maniatakos

Urban Life & Mobility

Guide Me Right

1. Guide Me Right (Italy)
Guide Me Right is a cross-platform community marketplace that enables travellers to book authentic experiences with local experts, who can earn income by sharing their knowledge and typical lifestyle.
CEO: Luca Sini


2. Yespark (France)
Yespark re-uses empty parking spots and lets its users park on them. Download the Yespark app and find a spot everywhere in Paris in just one minute. The app guides you towards the parking lot and is 50% cheaper than the public parking lots.
CEO: Thibaut Chary

Instant System

3. Instant System (France)
Instant System turns smartphones into multimodal GPS by developing mobile applications that guide urban travellers throughout their journeys. These applications integrate and combine real time information for all transport modes, including carpooling.
CEO: Yann Hervouet

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