Average team size 24
Average funding raised 3M€
Average expected revenue in 2017 1.7M€
Companies with female founders/co-founders 48%

Digital Wellbeing

Alcove (UK, London)
Assistive technology and devices to improve care, support and independence for older and disabled people.
CEO: Hellen Bowey
Kaiku Health
Kaiku Health (FIN, Helsinki)
A monitoring platform for clinics, enabling early intervention and personalized patient support.
CEO: Lauri Sippola
Nouveal e-health
Nouveal e-health (FR, Irigny)
e-fitback engages patients in their recovery while assisting healthcare centres in their organisation.
CEO: Guillaume Fayolle/Alexandre Falzon
Lexplore (SWE, Stockholm)
Detecting dyslexia early, rapidly and reliably based on AI, eye tracking and the cloud.
CEO: Fredrik Wetterhall
Hippogriff (SWE, Stockholm)
A non-invasive and inexpensive tool which uses AI for screening and early-diagnosis of heart diseases.
CEO: Allen Mohammadi

Digital Cities

Cleverciti Systems

Cleverciti Systems (DE, Munich)
Smart sensor technology for on-street parking, aiming to reduce search traffic and CO2 emissions.
CEO: Thomas Hohenacker


Spacehive (UK, London)
Crowdfunding platform that connects people, companies, councils and foundations to fund civic project ideas.
CEO: Chris Gourlay

Parkd (BE, Antwerp)
A Plug & Play device that automatically starts, stops and pays for parking sessions.
CEO: Olivier de Clercq

Rombit (BE, Antwerp)
An IoT solutions provider building inhouse solutions for smart cities and smart industries.
CEO: Jorik Rombouts


Turnit (EST, Tartu)
A mobile app that automatically manages payments for public transport using beacons and micro-locating technology.
CEO: Andres Birnbaum

Digital Industry

ContactEngine (UK)
Enabling automated, intelligent and omni-channel outbound conversations across the customer journey.
CEO: Mark K. Smith
Shipcloud (DE, Hamburg)
An easy to use cloud based shipping platform connecting retailers to all carriers in one interface.
CEO: Claus Fahlbusch/Stefan Hollmann
Trinckle 3D
Trinckle 3D (DE, Hennigsdorf/Berlin)
Supplying clients with the software and fulfilment tools to realize their 3D printing business ideas.
CEO: Florian Reichle
Houston Analytics
Houston Analytics (FI, Helsinki)
Predictive maintenance and production optimization through AI, machine learning and advanced analytics.
CEO: Antti Syväniemi
UWINLOC (FR, Toulouse)
An indoor battery-less location system for precise 3D tracking of a large volume of assets.
CEO: Eric Cariou

Digital Finance

OptioPay (DE, Berlin)
Enabling customers to convert payments into higher value gift cards of leading merchants.
CEO: Marcus Börner
Left Shift
Left Shift (UK, London)
Providing Orson software that eliminates risk based testing of software and eables continuous delivery.
CEO: Mark Smith/David Silverstone
DreamQuark (FR, Paris)
Developing data analysis technologies based on deep-learning and AI for insurance and financial services.
CEO: Nicolas Méric
Ubanquity (IE, Dublin)
Liberating data from various systems and making it available for consumption on an Open Digital Banking Platform.
CEO: Roy Zakka
Aplazame (ES, Madrid)
Providing an instant credit risk-free solution for online and offline purchases at the merchant’s checkout.
CEO: Fernando Cabello-Astolfi

Digital Infrastructure

Warwick Analytics
Warwick Analytics (UK, London)
Providing powerful automated predictive analytics for actionable insight in near real-time.
CEO: Dan Somers
Apinauten (DE, Leipzig)
Offering a platform called ApiOmat that helps companies digitally transform business processes.
CEO: Marcel Etzel
CheckRecipient (UK, London)
Using machine learning and AI to prevent highly sensitive emails being sent to the wrong people.
CEO: Timothy Sadler
Cogia (DE, Frankfurt a.M.)
An AI based big data analytics platform for semantic content monitoring, text-mining and information management.
CEO: Pascal Lauria
Alsid (FR, Paris)
A cloud-based security solution that constantly monitors corporate networks and processes.
CEO: Emmanuel Gras

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