We are looking for scaleups leveraging digital technologies within 5 categories that are aligned with the focus areas of EIT Digital. Please check in which category your company fits best - you can only apply in one category.

Digital Tech

Inventing the digital future with core technologies providing secure, robust, responsive and intelligent communications and computation.

Keywords: Connectivity, Cyber Security and Privacy, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Digital ID Management, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Authentication, Biometrics, User Behaviour Analytics.

Digital Cities

Serving the cities with digital technologies addression urban mobility, citizen inclusiveness and engagement, and city safety.

Keywords: Smart City, Smart Mobility, Safety & Security, Urban Development, Autonomous Driving, Citizen Services, Citizen Participation, Environmental Management, Energy Management, Sustainability.

Digital Industry

The digital transformation of the industry, from production to logistics to retail.

Keywords: Smart Manufacturing, Predictive Maintenance, Industry 4.0, Energy Efficiency, Resource and Asset Management, Retail, Logistics, Customer Experience, Supply Chain Management, Image Recognition.

Digital Wellbeing

Safeguarding health for the youth, the working professional and the elderly by analysing sensor data.

Keywords: Wellbeing at Work, Self Monitoring, Prevention, Early Detection, Assisted Living, Occupational and Personal Health, Rehab, Mental and Physical Impairment Support, Coping with Chronic Diseases.

Digital Finance

The disruption of digital transactions and institutions with technologies that allow transparency, efficiency, security and trust.

Keywords: Banking, FinTech, Payments, Insurtech, Wealth/Asset Management, Cyber Security, Big Data, Mobile Banking.

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