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We are looking for scaleups leveraging digital technologies within 5 categories that are aligned with the Innovation Focus Areas of EIT Digital. Please check in which category your company fits best – you can only apply in one category.

Digital Industry

Digital Industry covers the seamless process from production to retail and the related supporting functions such as logistics and consumer engagement.

In this category, we are looking for innovative solutions to improve efficiency in production and retail, to better address customer needs, and to help save natural resources in manufacturing and logistics. This includes solutions creating value from big data collection, aggregation, analysis and visualization services (and their enabling technologies) for decentralized production management covering the complete product life cycle: design, simulation, production, operation/consumption, maintenance, and consumer relationship frameworks.

Keywords: Smart Manufacturing, Predictive Maintenance, Industry 4.0, Energy Efficiency, Resource and Asset Management, Retail, Logistics, Customer Experience, Supply Chain Management, Image Recognition

Digital Cities

Digital Cities leverages the digital transformation of cities through disruptive information, mobility and safety services.

In this category, we are looking for innovations that address the concrete problems cities are facing today and the means to overcome these through centralized, participative and collaborative interactions between city actors: government, city service providers, industry, citizens. A multidisciplinary approach including service design, urbanism, and social sciences is used to provide an accurate understanding and address the concrete challenges of cities, in particular by developing sustainable business models.

Keywords: Smart City, Smart Mobility, Safety & Security, Urban Development, Autonomous Driving, Citizen Services, Citizen Participation, Environmental Management, Energy Management, Sustainability

Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing addresses the prevention of and coping with both physical and mental conditions in order to maintain a good quality of life.

In this category, we are looking for digital solutions that improve the wellbeing of a person during the working life. Ageing, working longer, and living longer do not imply that there are also more healthy work and living years. The result is a strong increase in occupational and individual healthcare costs. The focus are digital technologies that support prevention and early detection. Examples are products based on unobtrusive sensors and actuators and associated software services targeted at occupational and private health and fitness.

Keywords: Wellbeing at Work, Self Monitoring, Prevention, Early Detection, Assisted Living, Occupational and Personal Health, Rehab, Mental and Physical Impairment Support, Coping with Chronic Diseases

Digital Infrastructure

Digital Infrastructure seeks to provide secure, robust, responsive and intelligent networking, computing and security solutions.

In this category, we are searching for core enabling products and services of the digital transformation. In networking, the focus is on improving the mobile broadband infrastructure, as well as network management tools based on software defined networks (SDN), and a multitude of IoT applications. In computing, we focus on Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence, especially technologies efficiently combining AI techniques such as machine learning and deep learning capabilities on top of the cloud & Big Data platforms. In security, we are looking for solutions on privacy, cyber security, and digital ID management.

Keywords: Connectivity, Cyber Security and Privacy, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Digital ID Management, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Authentication, Biometrics, User Behaviour Analytics

Digital Finance

Digital Finance focuses on innovative digital tools and interfaces improving the quality of the services provided by financial service providers to private customers and corporate clients.

In this category, we are looking for disruptive solutions in three large segments where digital technologies will reshape the finance industry: (1) the future of retail banking (e.g. tools to improve customer relationships, mobile banking, cashless societies, micropayments and new payment services, …), (2) modernized corporate banking and insurance tech (e.g. simplification and automation tools for corporate clients, fluid/secure lending, P2P risk distribution, digitalization of equity capital markets and investment banking, cybersecurity, blockchain, …), and (3) digitalized Wealth/Asset Management (e.g. artificial intelligence and machine learning tools improving investment decisions, client authentication solutions, inclusive asset management tools for all citizen, …).

Keywords: Banking, FinTech, Payments, Insurtech, Wealth/Asset Management, Cyber Security, Big Data, Mobile Banking

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