Reinvent Human Experience - Join us

Reinvent Human Experience - Join us

Willem - Chief Executive Officer
Murielle - Innovation Analyst
Federico - Head of Innovation and Education Operations
Julie - Master School Recruiter
Patrick - Node Director
Murielle - Operational Excellence Analyst

At EIT Digital we work on innovation for a strong digital Europe. Working at EIT Digital requires being a talented business-minded professional, with a strong background in digital technologies and a fascination for digital innovation, guided by social responsibility and high ambition for a lasting impact on the digital transformation.

Our culture is innovation and our mission is to equip our digital ecosystem with the entrepreneurial skills and mindset to embed, scale and leverage digital technology. Our roads start from people and lead to people and we strive to be a diverse, creative, entrepreneurial and knowledge-intensive organisation.

At EIT Digital, you will work with European most talented and market disruptive ecosystem of technology business and industry, education and research to shape the future of digitisation, that offers the opportunity to challenge yourself in an open collaborative environment and learn new skills.

We operate over 15 locations across Europe and one in Silicon Valley (USA), we speak more than 9 languages and our people are equipped with breadth and depth experience to find innovative solutions to support Europe digital ecosystem, we are committed to build a diverse and inclusive organisation; making EIT Digital unique.

Are you inspired by the mission and a work that has meaning then join us in building a strong digital Europe with global impact!

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