Scaleup Portfolio

Scaleup Portfolio

EIT Digital Accelerator supports some of the most innovative digital technology startups and scaleups in Europe. Hover over the logos to learn more about the companies.

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  • Website 3D Repo is an open source Software as a Service (SaaS) for large-scale collaborative 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the cloud. It enables architects, engineers and stakeholders to view, share and annotate 3D models from anywhere they are.
    3D Repo Digital Infrastructure United Kingdom Alumni
  • Website 3YOURMIND offers easy 3D printing solutions for industry. On an online 3D workflow, users upload their 3D files, which are automatically optimized for a better result, compare prices among various printing services and order in different materials.
    3YOURMIND Digital Industry Germany Alumni
  • Website 7Mind provides an application for mindfulness training. It turns every smartphone into a meditation coach during a daily training of just a few minutes for a positive impact on the overall wellbeing.
    7Mind Digital Wellbeing Germany Alumni
  • Website Active Cues develops Tovertafel, a care innovation that improves quality of life and creates moments of happiness for people with a cognitive challenge and all those around them.
    Active Cues The Netherlands Current Digital Wellbeing
  • Website ADDACT is a total new way of planning live events and distributing tickets. On ADDACT, fans can pledge for their favourite tour cities by giving binding ticket orders. The cities with the most demand will get a show.
    Addact Digital Cities Germany Alumni
  • Website Advitos developed the world’s first method for the combined multi-organ support of liver, lung, kidney, and acid-base balance.
    Advitos Germany Current Digital Wellbeing
  • Website Apifon helps businesses to grow their audience, design campaigns, measure performance and enable marketing automations to increase revenues and improve customer experience.
    Apifon Greece Current Digital Industry
  • Website ApiOmat is a Backend-as-a-Service solution that speeds up the development of innovative new frontend apps while standardizing the integration of enterprise IT systems.
    ApiOmat Germany Current Digital Infrastructure
  • Website App-Ray provides a fully automated security analysis tool designed for mobile applications. Its scans detect vulnerability to hacking, data leaks, malicious code and other threats.
    App-Ray Digital Infrastructure Austria Alumni
  • Website APPRL connects the top digital influencers and lifestyle media with the leading online retailers. Through a set of smart digital tools, APPRL enables media to monetise their content and retailers to increase their sales.
    Apprl Fashion Digital Industry Sweden Alumni
  • Website Armadillo provides original registry documents, corporate reports, PEPs and Sanctions checks, as well as ID verification for Know Your customer (KYC), Due Dilligence and Enhanced Due Dilligence (EDD) via proprietary technological solutions.
    Armadillo United Kingdom Current Digital Infrastructure
  • Website Artexe provides a comprehensive and cost-effective service platform for hospitality and healthcare industries aimed at enhancing the customer experience by streamlining and reducing the complexity of back-office operations.
    Artexe Italy Digital Industry Alumni
  • Atlas Biomed
    Website Atlas Biomed is a personalised health company combining DNA and microbiome technologies with digital health data to inspire people into positive lifestyle change and lead them to a healthier future.
    Atlas Biomed United Kingdom Current Digital Wellbeing
  • Website AWDoc offers a cloud-based business solution to organize and share documents with maximum simplicity and security. It allows full control over the process of sharing sensitive information from any location and any device.
    AW Doc Digital Infrastructure Italy Alumni
  • Website Novalogy has designed AYO, an eyewear which diffuses a blue light controlled by a smartphone application. Short exposure to this light helps the body to optimize hormone releases naturally which allow to recover from jet lag, improve sleep and boost energy.
    AYO Digital Wellbeing Bulgaria Alumni
  • Website Baffin Bay Networks operates globally distributed Threat Protection Centers™, offering DDoS protection, Web Application Protection and Threat Inspection via more than 11 Internet Exchange Points (IXP) and transit providers.
    Baffin Bay Networks Sweden Current Digital Infrastructure
  • Website Beast Technologies makes wearable motion sensors which deliver metrics about workouts. Displayed on a smartphone or web portal, it helps fitness enthusiasts, athletes and trainers to better understand their movements and improve their performances.
    Beast Technologies Italy Digital Wellbeing Alumni
  • Website Biosync Technology has developed a stress-management application for wellbeing at work or the treatment of chronic diseases. The solution combines biosensors, algorithm and an interactive user interface.
    Biosync Technology Digital Wellbeing Sweden Alumni
  • Website Bloola is a toolbox to optimise communication, collaboration and knowledge management that enables companies to digitise their organization - communication, marketing and sales processes will be improved.
    bloola Germany Current Digital Industry
  • Website Cargonexx performs long-haul trucking in Europe with a network of >100.000 trucks. The first AI in trucking reduces empty runs and leads to better prices, higher quality and less CO2 emissions.
    Cargonexx Germany Current Digital Industry
  • Website CashDirector's digital CFO platform for MSMEs helps banks understand and serve their financial needs in real-time, efficiently and profitably
    CashDirector Accelerator Country Poland Current Action Lines Digital Finance
  • Website Celigra develops flight search tools for the travel industry. Its FarePlay instant search engine finds the cheapest options and can build any type of airfare cache data.
    Celigra Digital Infrastructure Germany Alumni
  • Website CerbAir was created to counter the intrusion of malicious drones and the threat they represent to sensitive sites and events.
    CerbAir Country Switzerland Current Digital Cities
  • Website Checkpoint Cardio combines advanced medical devices with software in order to follow a patient’s vital parameters in real time. This reduces visits to the doctor and can prevent sudden cardiac death.
    CheckPoint Cardio Bulgaria Current Digital Wellbeing
  • Website Chino offers to digital health businesses secure API and database to safely store, access and share sensitive data in compliance with the European data protection laws.
    Chino Digital Infrastructure Italy Alumni
  • Website Cleafy offers a security solution to protect business services from sophisticated and elusive cyber-threats. It checks services in real-time, provides direct evidence and immediately takes responsive follow-up actions.
    Cleafy Digital Infrastructure Italy Alumni
  • Website With their sensor technology for smart on-street and open-air parking, Cleverciti aims to reduce search traffic and CO2 emissions to solve some of the most urgent challenges cities are facing today.
    Cleverciti Systems Germany Current Digital Cities
  • Website Cloudalize is the developer of the GDaaS Platform that instantly deploys powerful virtual workspaces in a wide variety of performance models.
    Cloudalize Alumni Belgium Digital Industry
  • Website ClouDesire is a brokering and monetization platform that enables software vendors to move their applications to SaaS in a few minutes and distribute them immediately, across any cloud, with any commercial arrangement.
    Cloudesire Digital Infrastructure Italy Alumni
  • Website Cohaerentia has developed a fiber-optic monitoring technology for industrial plants and machineries. For being minimally invasive and multipurpose, it enables the diagnosis of inaccessible spots and avoids the need of different sensors.
    Cohaerentia Digital Industry Italy Alumni
  • Website Comftech produces wearable systems based on smart garments. High quality textile sensors offer comfortable continuous monitoring of physiological parameters for wellness and medical applications.
    Comftech Italy Digital Wellbeing Alumni
  • Website Coowry has developed an end-to-end online solution to make micro-transactions possible and easy by using mobile airtime as digital cash. It starts with cents, takes no commissions or fees and is executed in real time.
    Coowry Digital Finance Spain Alumni
  • Website CopSonic is a technology that enables communication between intelligent electronic devices and all mobile phones through sound waves to interact and transmit data.
    CopSonic France Digital Finance Alumni
  • Website CoRehab is an interactive system to motivate and evaluate the physical rehabilitation of patients through exercise and training, after an orthopedic treatment or sports injuries.
    Corehab Italy Digital Wellbeing Alumni
  • Creactives
    Website Creactives’ AI technology combined with Knowledge Engineering cleanses, enriches and harmonises multi-lingual textual descriptions of materials managed in ERP records to improve supply chain processes.
    Creactives Italy Digital Industry Current
  • Website CryptTalk allows its users to make totally secure calls and send messages on their mobiles without the need for any special hardware. CryptTalk is VoiP based and protects against eavesdropping by end-to-end encrypting peer-to-peer calls.
    CryptTalk Digital Infrastructure Hungary Alumni
  • Website Cumucore enables operators to enter the next generation of mobile networks. Its software-based mobile core and backhaul optimize the usage, increase cost efficiency and provide new business opportunities.
    Cumucore Sweden Digital Infrastructure Alumni
  • Website Custobar gathers all the customer transaction data from both online and offline stores into one user interface. This enables multi-channel campaigns that can strengthen either area, while bridging the gap between the two.
    Custobar Finland Current Digital Industry
  • Website CVTrust has developed a Smart Certificate platform that gives institutions the tools to securely create, manage and deliver credentials and related documents to their graduates. It also allows alumni to easily share secure digital versions.
    CVTrust Digital Infrastructure Belgium Alumni
  • Website Cyberlightning offers Cyberville, an IoT platform to monitor and control energy networks and smart city infrastructure through Big Data processing and 3D Internet technology.
    Cyberlightning Digital Industry Finland Alumni
  • Website In modern networks prevention has a hard time to keep IT-infrastructures safe and secure. New attacks can bypass defenses and new business challenges require more accessible services.
    Cybertrap Austria Current Digital Infrastructure
  • Website d!nk helps companies to transform their sales processes into customer centric interactions. It offers a software to create and distribute pitch books and sales tools adapted to the client in front of a sales representative.
    d!nk Belgium Digital Infrastructure Alumni
  • Website DAMAE Medical develops a medical imaging device that aims at seeing below the surface of the skin, with no need for invasive biopsy or excision, to support dermatologists with a real time diagnosis of skin cancer.
    DAMAE Medical France Digital Wellbeing Alumni
  • Website Datumize is a software technology company that develops tools for capturing dark data found in enterprises. It provides solutions in sectors such as logistics, retail, tourism, and industry by transforming dark data into profitable business results.
    Datumize Spain Current Digital Infrastructure
  • Defentry_logo
    Website Defentry is a personal cybersecurity company that combats ID hijackings and hacked accounts.
    Defentry Sweden Current Digital Infrastructure
  • Website DigiFlak helps companies and individuals to easily manage and fully protect digital identities, sensitive information and network connections with a personal USB/NFC-connected device.
    DigiFlak Estonia Digital Infrastructure Alumni
  • Website DIPAT is the inventor of permanently effective living wills. Their integrated medical consultation ensures generation, online deposition and regular updating of all documents.
    DIPAT Accelerator Germany Current Digital Wellbeing
  • Website Distribusion develops a global distribution system (GDS) for booking intercity and shuttle bus rides as easily as a flight. The company connects bus operators and travel resellers worldwide.
    Distribusion Digital Cities Germany Alumni
  • Website EasyBroadcast solves the cost and quality challenges of broadcasters and over-the-top (OTT) players streaming video and audio content.
    EasyBroadcast France Current Digital Infrastructure
  • Website The EAVE headsets use adaptive intelligent noise reduction to ensure that you can still communicate in any noisy work environment whilst still protecting hearing. The headsets also collect data on noise levels to give real time and automated noise maps and exp
    EAVE United Kingdom Digital Industry Current
  • Website Ebee has developed a highly integrated charging infrastructure for electric cars. Its solutions are small enough to be installed seamlessly in existing city furniture, such as street lights.
    Ebee Smart Technologies Digital Cities Germany Alumni
  • Website Eiratech Robotics offers goods-to-person robotics solution for Distribution Centres and warehouses – whereby a fleet of robots finds and brings items to fulfil online orders and to handle returns.
    Eiratech Robotics Ireland Current Digital Industry
  • Website VideoID is a patented identity verification solution that combines video in streaming + Artificial Intelligence to identify customers in seconds, from any country with any ID document.
    Electronic IDentification (eID) Spain Current Digital Infrastructure
  • Website Enerbrain gives energy intelligence to every building thanks to a groundbreaking Plug & Play kit coupled with machine learning algorithms to save and manage energy while improving comfort.
    Enerbrain Italy Current Digital Industry
  • Website Evensi is a search engine where users can find millions of events worldwide based on their interests. Organisers can create and promote their events so as to reach a qualified audience.
    Evensi Digital Cities Italy Alumni
  • Website Evina SaaS solutions enables its customers to block fraudulent transactions & ads.
    EVINA France Current Digital Infrastructure
  • Website Evolution Energie provides energy suppliers and industrials with expert energy management software to organize and optimize their portfolio via monitoring, environmental reporting, commodities trading and risk management tools.
    Evolution Energie Digital Industry France Alumni
  • Website Evothings is a suite to easily develop, test and deploy mobile applications for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The applications run live during the development and show instantly how every code iteration works with the IoT device.
    Evothings Digital Infrastructure Sweden Alumni
  • Website Expivi is an online 3D product configuration platform for better visualization, better communication and better sales.
    Expivi The Netherlands Current Digital Infrastructure
  • Website FABtotum is a multi-purpose personal 3D fabrication device. It prints, cuts, mills, scans, manipulates, rinses and repeats in a seamless interaction between the physical and digital world.
    FABtotum Digital Industry Italy Alumni
  • Website Finbiosoft offers for clinical laboratories and biotech companies a web-based software called Validation Manager, which makes the mandatory process of diagnostics test validations truly easy, efficient and regulatory compliant.
    Finbiosoft Digital Wellbeing Finland Alumni
  • Website Firstbeat technology turns heartbeat data into rich, personalized and actionable insights on exercise, sleep, recovery and stress. It is used by sports teams, corporations and consumers worldwide to improve performance and wellbeing.
    FirstBeat Digital Wellbeing Finland Alumni
  • Website Fluxedo develops socialOmeters which analyzes heterogeneous streams of data coming from social networks in order to provide meaningful information dashboards in real time to a company, an event organizer or a city.
    Fluxedo Italy Digital Cities Alumni
  • Website Furhat Robotics combines advanced Artificial Intelligence and robotics with social intelligence and human-computer interaction. The technology allows to develop robots that display unique facial expressiveness and produce context aware interactions.
    Furhat Robotics Sweden Digital Industry Alumni
  • Website To prevent WiFi problems, Galgus has developed and patented CHT (Cognitive Hotspot™ Technology), a multiplatform software that may be installed on a wide range of wireless access points and routers.
    Galgus Spain Current Digital Infrastructure
  • Website Gamaya improves efficiency & sustainability of farming by offering compelling agronomy solutions, enabled by hyperspectral imaging and AI.
    Gamaya Accelerator Switzerland Current Digital Industry
  • Website Gemino provides solutions to ease the development and the deployment of applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 markets, by guaranteeing the interoperability between different interfaces and protocols.
    Gemino Italy Digital Industry Alumni
  • Website Gleechi has developed the first software that enables developers to create natural hand interaction in virtual reality. The software is also used in robotics to enable real-time interaction for robot hands and grippers.
    Gleechi Digital Industry Sweden Alumni
  • Website GlobalReader provides an easy and a cost effective solution for SMEs’ production lines performance.  It monitors and analyses data to decrease the downtime of the machinery and thus to increase the utilisation of production lines.
    GlobalReader Estonia Digital Industry Alumni
  • Website Grape is a secure enterprise communication platform that lives inside the tools that people use on an everyday basis. It ban be implemented into a company's internal and external workflow and integrated in any software solution.
    Grape Austria Current Digital Infrastructure
  • Website Greenerwave recycles electromagnetic waves to maximize internet connection on any device. This improves the communication quality and protects the environment at the same time.
    GreenerWave France Current Digital Infrastructure
  • Website GuardSquare is the global reference in mobile application protection. The company helps businesses and organizations to protect their Android and iOS applications against reverse engineering and hacking.
    GuardSquare Belgium Digital Infrastructure Alumni
  • Website Guide Me Right is a cross-platform community marketplace that enables travellers to book authentic experiences with local experts, who can earn income by sharing their knowledge and typical lifestyle.
    Guide me right Italy Digital Cities Alumni
  • Website gymCentral offers seniors a virtual gym application for training and rehabilitation from home with an integrated live professional coach support, sensors, and social interaction.
    gymCentral Digital Wellbeing Italy Alumni
  • Website HandInScan is a health-tech company which developed a proprietary platform - Semmelweis Scanner - for immediate quality-assured assessment of hand hygiene at healthcare institutions, manufacturing plants, food banks or  in the hospitality industry.
    Hand In Scan Hungary Digital Wellbeing Alumni
  • Website Digital Industry Austria Alumni
  • Website Hello Soda created PROFILE, a software which analyses data from a consumer’s digital footprint and generates insightful scores and features, allowing companies to deliver a personalized experience and be more inclusive.
    Hello Soda Digital Infrastructure United Kingdom Alumni
  • Website HitSeed offers a platform to accelerate products development for Internet of Things (IoT). Its platform reduces drastically the time, costs and skills requirements to experiment and build commercial connected products.
    Hitseed Alumni Finland Digital Infrastructure
  • Website iDENprotect has developed innovative software authentication solutions, based on the highest security standards that enable users to easily access sensitive data and information from their organisations’ IT systems.
    iDENProtect (Apply Mobile) United Kingdom Digital Infrastructure Alumni
  • Website Ignilife provides clinically-proven, social and gamified powered health prevention and wellness solutions for corporations, insurance companies and health providers.
    IgniLife Digital Wellbeing France Alumni
  • Website iGW has developed Bytereport, a scalable cloud-based software platform for administration, visualization and data collection in embedded systems and the Internet of Things (IoT).
    iGW Digital Infrastructure Sweden Alumni
  • Indexima
    Website Located between data sources and analytic solutions (Tableau, Excel, SAP, BO, QLIK, etc.), Indexima allows users to drill the entire set of Big Data with instant dashboard display, searching tens of billions of rows in just a few milliseconds.
    Indexima France Digital Infrastructure Accelerator Current
  • Website Innorange provides IoT solutions for location-based people flow measurement and analytics. Its solutions such as digital signage and cameras are used by Retail and OEMs.
    InnoRange Finland Digital Industry Alumni
  • Website Instant System turns smartphones into multimodal GPS by developing mobile applications that guide urban travellers throughout their journeys. These applications integrate and combine real time information for all transport modes, including carpooling.
    Instant System Digital Cities France Alumni
  • Website ISCLEANAIR has developed a modular solution that effectively reduces a wide range of air pollutants and guarantees the highest level of environmental protection in industrial and urban spaces.
    IsCleanAir Digital Cities Italy Alumni
  • Website Julie Desk is a virtual assistant built on Artificial Intelligence who schedules professional meetings by email and places them in users’ calendars. She adapts to the needs and habits, and is 100% supervised by human to guarantee the service quality.
    Julie Desk Digital Infrastructure France Alumni
  • Website Jusp transforms tablets, smartphones and PC into mobile points of sales (POS) enabling payment with credit cards. This allows merchants to increase their business effectiveness.
    JUSP Italy Digital Infrastructure Alumni
  • Website Karos leverages machine learning and big data technologies to transform cars empty seats into brand new transportation networks, complementary to buses, trams and trains, for daily commutes.
    Karos France Digital Cities Alumni
  • Website KASKO has built an end-to-end insurance platform where insurers can design, run and continuously optimise insurance products within their own or third-party channels. Since 2017 KASKO has launched over 40 products for over 15 insurance partners in 5 countries
    KASKO United Kingdom Current Digital Finance
  • Website KITE Robotics has developed the KITE Robot, an ingenious system that cleans high-rise windows and façades of any building, without human intervention. The rotating brush leaves the surfaces spotless, even in areas that are difficult to reach.
    KITE Robotics The Netherlands Digital Industry Alumni
  • Website With a complete portfolio of hardware and software, Kiunsys helps smart cities and municipal utilities to connect heterogeneous infrastructures and silos into a single platform to better manage mobility, parking and logistics.
    Kiunsys Italy Digital Cities Alumni
  • Website KONUX offers a technology that reduces industrial maintenance costs, optimizes asset lifecycles and increases production capacity with sensor systems and analytics based on artificial intelligence.
    KONUX Digital Industry Germany Alumni
  • Website Kopjra has developed a SaaS platform to protect media properties on the Internet. It not only detects and removes infringements but also automatically acquires forensic web evidences in order to support international lawsuits.
    Kopjra Digital Infrastructure Italy Alumni
  • Website LeanXcale is an ultra-scalable big data management platform for information-hungry organizations. It can scale up in velocity (up to millions of events per second), variety (from structured to unstructured data) and volume (up to hundreds of terabytes).
    LeanXcale Digital Infrastructure Spain Alumni
  • Website The Leveris platform is designed for the launch of greenfield banks as well as the enablement of digital transformation in established banks.
    Leveris Ireland Current Digital Finance
  • Website Lexplore enables schools and municipalities to early, quickly and objectively identify children with reading difficulties so they can get help and support before they fall behind in school.
    Lexplore Sweden Current Digital Wellbeing
  • Website Light-Flex has developed a printed active light technology incorporated in clothing. It provides enhanced visibility and safety for those who need to be seen outside at night, like bikers or runners, without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics.
    Light Flex Technology Digital Infrastructure Sweden Alumni
  • Website LORIOT provides long-range infrastructure for the Internet of Things.
    LORIOT Country Switzerland Current Action Lines Digital Cities
  • Website LUP Technologies has developed LUPNUMBER, an analytical tool that can foresee transport flows at freight terminals and send relevant information to truck drivers for more safety and route optimisation.
    LUP technologies Sweden Digital Cities Alumni
  • Website Machtfit provides preventive health courses for companies and employees via a web platform and an application. Employees choose from a variety of sport and relaxation classes, and HR can easily manage a program inside the company.
    Machtfit Germany Digital Wellbeing Alumni
  • Website MatchX develops superior LPWAN (Low-Power-Wide-Area-Network) hardware and software, a comprehensive IoT cloud and reporting solutions with blockchain.
    MatchX Current Germany Digital Infrastructure
  • Website Mecuris develops a platform for customisable and 3D-printed prosthetics and orthotics.
    Mecuris Accelerator Country Germany Current Action Lines Digital Wellbeing
  • Website Medicus is an AI-based platform that converts medical reports and health data into an interactive experience with easy-to-understand explanations, personalized health insights, and smart wellbeing coaching. Austria Current Digital Wellbeing
  • Website Memorizon develops Sensorizon to detect behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia. The system consists of a wearable wristband, a sleeping sensor, and a clinical user application to be used at home and nursing homes.
    Memorizon Digital Wellbeing Sweden Alumni
  • Website METRON reshapes the way energy data is used in industries. As an energy efficiency operator, it acts at the convergence of energy markets, smart industries and investment solutions.
    Metron France Digital Industry Current
  • Website Milanamos provides a predictive analytics platform that helps any transport operator to build sustainable multimodal hubs based on mobility data.
    Milanamos Digital Cities France Alumni
  • Website Minna Technologies is building a subscription management platform for retails banks which enables their customers to get an overview, cancel and improve their subscriptions directly in their online banking.
    Minna Technologies Accelerator Country Sweden Current Action Lines Digital Finance
  • Website Point is an all-in-one smart home alarm that combines cutting-edge technology with beautiful design. Easy-to install and packed full of sensors, it can instantly alert the user to threats in its home.
    Minut Sweden Current Digital Wellbeing
  • Website Miradore Online is a cloud-based mobile device management solution for managing Android, iOS, and Windows Phone smartphones and tablets. The free available features allow securing mobiles, automating many tasks and also controlling the environment.
    Miradore Finland Digital Infrastructure Alumni
  • Website Mondido is a flexible payment solution for e-commerce. Thanks to its consumer intelligence platform, it offers smart features for a personalised payment experience and a higher completion rate on web sites or mobile applications.
    Mondido Digital Industry Sweden Alumni
    Website NAVYA develops driverless shuttles in order to optimise the transportation of personnel, visitors or service agents on the last miles, in private or public sites (e.g.: airports, hospitals, industrial sites, amusement parks etc.).
    NAVYA Alumni France Digital Cities
  • Website Negentis offers an applications development platform enabling enterprises to manage the entire life-cycle of their Internet of Things/Internet of Everything, integrating operational and business processes with field sensors and machines.
    Negentis Italy Digital Infrastructure Alumni
  • Website NERVteh is an advanced vehicle motion simulator that trains drivers to cope with demanding or unforeseen situations on the road. It uses Virtual reality and driver’s neuro and biometric feedback to offer a true to life experience.
    NERVteh Slovenia Digital Cities Alumni
  • Website Neue Labs has developed AUTOMAT, a product development toolkit for building wearable technology. The combination of hardware and software enables anyone to quickly craft fashion applications and devices.
    Neue Labs Digital Infrastructure Sweden Alumni
  • Website Nively is specialised in indoor and outdoor location technologies. Starting from this expertise, Nively has developed MentorAge, a new safety standard for the automatic prediction of accidents for elderly people.
    Nively Digital Industry France Alumni
  • Website Nordic Automation System (NAS) creates sensor technologies, data analysis and monitoring systems. By using LoRa® technology, NAS is able to provide full vertical LoRaWAN™ solutions.
    Nordic Automation Systems Estonia Current Digital Industry
  • Website Remote expert support for machine manufacturers and plant operators with Augmented Reality, Smart Glasses and oculavis SHARE.
    Oculavis Accelerator Country Germany Current Action Lines Digital Industry
  • Website OmniBot is the first European Voice and Conversational AI platform vendor, offering advanced ChatBots and Virtual Assistants based on a complete set of proprietary speech, voice and natural language processing technologies.
    Omnibot Germany Current Digital Infrastructure
  • Website Onegini has developed a platform for organizations wishing to combine optimum security and user experience on their mobile applications. Its solutions allow customers to access data safely and seamlessly, by using their own device login methods.
    Onegini Digital Finance The Netherlands Alumni
  • Website Opencloud Factory has developed Viapps, a Network Functionality Virtualization (NFV) solution to seamlessly deploy and manage corporate network infrastructure services, and openNAC, a Network Access Control (NAC) solution to secure them.
    Open Cloud Factory Spain Digital Infrastructure Alumni
  • Website OpenTeleHealth is a universal cloud-based remote patient monitoring platform. Citizens can measure health data at home using an APP and a wide range of medical measurement devices. Doctors and nurses can access patient data from a web portal.
    OpenTeleHealth Accelerator Denmark Current Digital Wellbeing
  • Website OptioPay is an online payment platform which increases the value of payments by offering higher-value gift cards of leading merchants as a payment method.
    OptioPay Germany Current Digital Finance
  • Website OptoForce designs and manufactures multi-axial force and torque sensors to be used in robotics. They enhance the tactile sensing of machines and enable the haptic interaction between people and machines.
    OptoForce Digital Industry Hungary Alumni
  • Website Origone has developed ORISECURE, an integrated cybersecurity platform that protects the entire IT assets and infrastructure (e.g. mail gateways, web servers) from threats with a single, military-grade solution.
    Origone Digital Infrastructure United Kingdom Alumni
  • Website Peeeks enables to automatically switch flexible electric processes based on availability and price in the grid. Thereby it enables energy cost saving for the customer and help to integrate renewable energy sources in the grid.
    Peeeks The Netherlands Digital Industry Alumni
  • Website Piwik PRO is a GDPR compliant enterprise analytics and marketing platform that enables effective combination of behavioural and first party user data.
    Piwik PRO Country Poland Digital Infrastructure Current
  • Website is a cloud-based digital media platform that enables advertisers to broadcast real-time targeted content on thousands of outdoor displays, by using big data collected from the audience when it connects to the screen’s free Wi-Fi hotspot. Spain Digital Industry Alumni
  • Website Plug&Wear manufactures textile sensors for IoT, Healthcare and Industry. It merges Italian knitting tradition with innovation and research to produce textile pressure and temperature sensors, and liquids detectors.
    Plug and Wear Digital Infrastructure Italy Alumni
  • Website PlugSurfing is an app and billing system that empowers electric car drivers to find and use charging stations of all major operators in Europe, wherever and whenever needed. 
    PlugSurfing Germany Digital Cities Alumni
  • Website is a pan-European marketplace which gathers space owners and brands to set up pop-up stores. These temporary shops enable brands to test new markets, showcase products, or go from online to offline sales.
    Pop Places Spain Digital Industry Alumni
  • Website ProctorExam offers a web-based platform to secure online exams. It identifies the exam taker behind the computer and prevents cheating by creating a highly secure exam environment.
    ProctorExam Digital Industry The Netherlands Alumni
  • Website Qarnot has created the first computing heater using embedded microprocessors. Remotely computing for companies, it produces free heat for buildings. With no need for a data center, Qarnot provides the greenest and cheapest cloud platform.
    Qarnot Computing France Digital Infrastructure Alumni
  • Website Qinematic software scans human posture, balance and movement. Clinics, gyms and workplaces use the 3D video, instant measurements and animated feedback to analyse, motivate and guide optimal function.
    Qinematic Sweden Digital Wellbeing Alumni
  • Website QuantifiCare is developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative imaging solutions for clinical trials and physicians. The global company is specialised in 2D and 3D photography of the skin.
    QuantifiCare France Current Digital Wellbeing
  • Website QuoScient provides companies and organisations across all industries with its expertise against digital threats of all kinds.
    QuoScient Accelerator Country Germany Current Action Lines Digital Infrastructure
  • Website Quuppa has developed a real-time localization system that determines the location of a professional device with accuracy, down to a few centimetres. The technology uses Bluetooth-Beacon tags and receivers with integrated antennas.
    Quuppa Finland Digital Industry Alumni
  • Website R3 Communications develop ultra-reliable real-time communication systems that are predominantly used in Industry 4.0 and IoT applications.
    R3 Communications Country Germany Current Action Lines Digital Infrastructure
  • Website Modern travellers no longer accept bad Wi-Fi. RebelRoam helps transportation and travel companies (trains, cruise & river ferries, intercity buses and airlines) provide better quality inflight/on-board Wi-Fi while keeping costs under control.
    RebelRoam Accelerator Estonia Current Digital Infrastructure
  • Website redborder is an open source solution for traffic visibility, Big Data analytics, and dynamic cybersecurity. It enables the creation of customizable dashboards and reports for networks and Managed Service Providers.
    Redborder Alumni Spain Digital Infrastructure
  • Website Rombit quickly improves workflows, planning efficiency, worker safety and site security for both governments and for the port sector. It delivers dashboarding solutions that closely integrate with buy-or-build IoT-devices and the proprietary Romware™ brand.
    Rombit Belgium Country Digital Cities Action Lines Current
  • Website SAT4M2M's satellite communication network enables a worldwide IoT monitoring of fixed and moving assets in many verticals including transportation (like railways with secure, low-power sensors), energy, agriculture, infrastructure and industry 4.0.
    SAT4M2M Germany Digital Infrastructure Alumni
  • Website SecludIT develops a security software solution to help businesses, integrators and cloud providers to detect the vulnerabilities on all types of infrastructures, data and e-commerce sites.
    Seclud IT France Digital Infrastructure Alumni
  • Website Security Matters has developed an innovative automated network and situational awareness platform that enables critical infrastructure organizations to operate best-of-class cyber-resilient Industrial Control Systems (ICS).
    Security Matters Digital Infrastructure The Netherlands Alumni
  • Website Sensative developed an open IoT integration platform and non-intrusive, no-maintenance sensors, providing users, services and digital twins with live data and control.
    Sensative Accelerator Sweden Current Digital Cities
  • Website Sensefinity develops Sensorice, a business solution to monitor refrigeration systems in real-time to prevent cold chain malfunctions through a combination of hardware sensors and software.
    Sensefinity Portugal Digital Infrastructure Alumni
  • Website Sensewaves, through its sound-analysis-inspired platform Adaptix, provides utilities with adaptive machine learning tools to analyse asset behaviours and take better mission-critical decisions.
    Sensewaves Digital Infrastructure France Alumni
  • Website Sensolus has developed wireless, low-power and context-aware stickers to track valuable assets. Its technology allows a maintenance-free control, without configuration or charging, directly via the cloud.
    Sensolus Belgium Digital Wellbeing Alumni
  • Website Sentryo develops a hardware and software cybersecurity solution for the industrial Internet and machine-to-machine networks to prevent, detect and respond to cyber attacks.
    Sentryo Digital Infrastructure France Alumni
  • Website Severalnines provides automation and management software for databases. It enables developers and system administrators to deploy databases in any environment, and provides the tools to manage, monitor and scale from a single and consolidated interface.
    Severalnines Digital Infrastructure Sweden Alumni
  • Website Shortcut Labs makes Flic, the small wireless smart button that can be attached to any surface or clothing, and programmed to activate on the go, at home or at work a preconfigured task on a smartphone.
    Shortcut Labs - Flic Sweden Digital Infrastructure Alumni
  • Website Sicoya has developed optical transceiver chips based on advanced silicon photonics technology. They facilitate the communication and the handling of increasing amounts of data between data centers.
    Sicoya Digital Infrastructure Germany Alumni
  • Website SideKickHealth develops a digital therapeutics platform to prevent and manage chronic diseases.
    SideKickHealth Accelerator Country Iceland Current Action Lines Digital Wellbeing
  • Website Simplewish is a crowd-funding platform provider that enables brands to let their customers organize a group gift. The gift is placed into a virtual box for a specific recipient and then shared online to invite friends to contribute and pay.
    Simplewish Digital Industry Austria Alumni
  • Website SkinVision offers a smartphone application for early detection of skin cancer. By taking a picture of a lesion, the user can analyse suspicious moles for a first advice, track changes over time or share it with a specialized doctor online.
    Skinvision Digital Wellbeing The Netherlands Alumni
  • Website Smart Global Privacy’s software solution minimizes risks, cost and time of privacy compliance for organizations of all kind in the world across 700 verticals, on GDPR and on other local and extraterritorial on going regulations.
    Smart Global Privacy France Current Digital Infrastructure
  • Website The Smart Local Advertising solution aims to propel sales of Wi-Fi infrastructure thanks to a profitable business model based on advertising. 
    Smart Signs Alumni The Netherlands Digital Infrastructure
  • Website SmartViser has developed an all-in-one test bot solution. Their Smart Virtual User tests and improves user experience with smartphones and networks.
    Smartviser France Current Digital Infrastructure
  • Website Soma Analytics offers a smartphone application that measures, manages and reduces stress in the workplace. Employees benefit from improved mental resilience and productivity while employers reduce attrition and absenteeism.
    Soma Analytics Digital Wellbeing United Kingdom Alumni
  • Website SonoBeacon’s technology reaches customers at the point of interest with pinpoint accuracy. By offering reliable localisation, information and interaction, their products make numerous applications possible.
    SonoBeacon Accelerator Germany Current Digital Industry
  • Website Medical device-as-a-software for the medical hearing market.
    Sonormed Germany Digital Wellbeing Alumni
  • Website Sorex offers various solutions for electronic door opening systems, using Smartphone, RFID card or key fob. They can be used for hotels, offices, warehouses, residential buildings, and for equipping new doors or retrofitting existing ones.
    Sorex Austria Digital Industry Alumni
  • Website Sorry as a Service is a platform to retain unhappy customers. With one-click in the enterprise’s CRM system, it enables customer support agents to dispatch physical apologies through customized gifts.
    Sorry As a Service Digital Industry Finland Alumni
  • Website SpaceMaker serves logistics operators with large delivery fleets and warehousing capacity. The SpaceMaker software brings users’ storage at fingertips, letting them know what is stored anywhere, anytime without having to visit the warehouse.
    SpaceMaker Digital Industry Finland Alumni
  • Website Stamplay is an intelligent automation platform that helps organisations to enhance their business processes with best of breed AI and multi-app workflow automation without the need of coding.
    Stamplay Alumni Italy Digital Infrastructure
  • Website Stimergy has developed a digital boiler to recover the heat discharged by data servers. It helps buildings reduce their energy footprint while providing IT industries an efficient infrastructure for data processing and storage.
    Stimergy Digital Industry France Alumni
  • Website Coblue developed Storro, a business application to securely share and store files. It enables easy private collaboration with colleagues, clients and other external parties thanks to its unique peer-to-peer technology.
    Storro Digital Infrastructure The Netherlands Alumni
  • Website Streamr makes it easy for companies and developers to deploy scalable real-time messaging and analytics. Situation rooms, data-driven automation, and powering external applications with real-time data become simple tasks instead of long and costly projects.
    Streamr Finland Digital Infrastructure Alumni
  • Website Synerise is an end-to-end platform that uses data and AI to help brands better respond to the needs of their customers, through automation applications, business intelligence reporting, communication and personalisation tools, and pricing policy management.
    Synerise Accelerator Poland Current Action Lines Digital Industry
  • Website Synoste develops next-generation medical solutions for the treatment and correction of skeletal deformities. Its implants for lengthening limbs are based on a mechanism using smart metals that operate safely and painlessly for the patient.
    Synoste Digital Wellbeing Finland Alumni
  • Website is an Italian company, focused on providing engineering solutions to companies and public entities for Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud and Digital Transformation businesses. plans tomorrow’s smart services already today. Italia Accelerator Italy Current Digital Cities
  • Website Tanker's seamless encryption turns public clouds such as Dropbox into bulletproof and trustworthy collaborative workplaces to give back full data ownership to their users.
    Tanker France Digital Infrastructure Alumni
  • Website WiseTown, developed by TeamDev, is a Smart City solution which collects information from different data streams. It enhances effectiveness of the urban planning strategy and management to optimize and modernize public services.
    TeamDev Italy Digital Cities Alumni
  • Website TEEPTRAK develops innovative and accessible solutions for industrials to monitor machine performance, operators’ pace and product quality in order to identify wastes, and thus improve the overall production efficiency.
    Teeptrak Alumni France Digital Industry
  • Website Tessan offers medical office booths (under 2 square meters) and medicine deliveries in less than 1 hour.
    TESSAN France Current Digital Wellbeing
  • Website Testfabrik makes, a software for the automatic testing of web applications. With, companies and developers make sure that their applications work correctly and look the same across all relevant platforms and devices.
    Testfabrik Germany Digital Infrastructure Alumni
  • Website is a sports social network. It allows fans to talk and cheer their favourite teams with their friends, as if they were together watching a game on TV.
    TOKTV Digital Industry Italy Alumni
  • Website Toposens developed the first 3D sensor system based on ultrasound worldwide. Hardware components are combined with sophisticated algorithms, enabling localization of objects and people in real-time via the principle of echolocation.
    Toposens Germany Current Digital Cities
  • Website Trilogis has developed BOX3, a platform allowing any item managed by the system (people or asset) to be localized through indoor location technologies. It can be used in different sectors like utilities, industry and healthcare.
    Trilogis Digital Industry Italy Alumni
  • Website trinckle enables different industries to build scalable 3D printing applications. Their essential software to automate and simplify the 3D design generation process saves tremendous costs and time.
    trinckle 3D Germany Digital Industry Current
  • Website U-Hopper has developed Tapoi, a service for profiling users based on their social media activities. Leveraging semantic technology and big data, Tapoi enables services providers to better know their customers and personalise their online offer.
    U-Hopper Digital Industry Italy Alumni
  • Website UAVIA provides a full suite of hardware and software that enables businesses to perform any real-time drone inspection and surveillance of their sites. This is operated 100% remotely and with no distance limit.
    Uavia France Digital Industry Alumni
  • Website Ubiqu makes a mobile authentication token to be able to safely use government or bank applications. Ubiqu is the first in the world to develop a mobile token that is certified at the same security level as a physical smart card reader.
    Ubiqu Digital Infrastructure The Netherlands Alumni
  • Website UgenTec has developed FastFinder, a software for automated PCR analysis to support clinical labs. Before the existence of this solution, the laboratoty scientists had to do this manually with risks of errors.
    Ugentec Belgium Digital Wellbeing Alumni
  • Website Undagrid connects and makes assets interact through an autonomous communication network combined with an innovative tracking technology. It provides endless opportunities to optimize logistical processes, and create new business models and services.
    Undagrid Digital Infrastructure The Netherlands Alumni
  • Website provides machine learning algorithms to accelerate the production of annotated training and validation data, which are required for autonomous driving, ensuring ground-truth quality with multiple quality assurance levels by human experts. Germany Current Digital Cities
  • Website Varaani provides a hybrid cloud storage solution with the Cloud Hub box. It keeps business or personal files safe at the office or at home, makes them faster to access and offers more storage space than traditional or cloud-only solution.
    Varaani Works Finland Digital Infrastructure Alumni
  • Website VirtuOR provides a new generation of network box, the MNetBOX. It enables enterprises to set up on-demand virtual network functions and gives them an intuitive access to cloud services.
    Virtuor Digital Infrastructure France Alumni
  • Website VRgineers is the maker of XTAL, a new VR headset built meticulously around the needs of professional designers and engineers who require superior image quality and accuracy, wide field-of-view, easy integration, and data security.
    VRgineers Czech Republic Current Digital Industry
  • Website Vulog is the world leader in new generation carsharing technology - Free-Floating / One-Way. It offers end-to-end solutions enabling mobility operators to launch large-scale carsharing services.
    Vulog France Digital Cities Alumni
  • Website Warwick Analytics has developed a powerful machine learning platform for text such as voice of customer data, ideal for contact centre automation and actionable insight, and other business processes.
    Warwick Analytics Accelerator Current Digital Infrastructure United Kingdom
  • Website Watt-IS supports energy utilities to increase their clients’ satisfaction by helping them to become more aware about their consumption and be more efficient, with the use of advanced metering analytics on self-learning platforms.
    Watt-is Portugal Digital Industry Alumni
  • Website Waylay is an Internet-of-Things platform that allows businesses to connect IoT with their existing IT back-end systems and cloud applications, through scalable, manageable and future-proof integration and automation.
    Waylay Digital Infrastructure Belgium Alumni
  • Website Webio’s AI-driven ‘Conversational Middleware’ platform uses the power of AI and machine learning to introduce a ‘blended approach’ to customer engagement that lets automated bots work alongside contact centre agents to seamlessly engage with customers.
    Webio Accelerator Ireland Current Action Lines Digital Infrastructure
  • Website Wellmo is a mobile health platform for insurance companies and healthcare providers to develop and run health programmes. It helps them to reduce healthcare costs and improve the wellbeing of their members.
    Wellmo Finland Current Digital Wellbeing
  • Website Withthegrid supports energy grid operators by digitizing their maintenance and optimization processes. Their solution monitors the grid accurately, forecast future demand and optimise the energy production by combining sensors with machine learning algorithms.
    withthegrid Accelerator The Netherlands Current Digital Industry
  • Website Wonderflow develops an integrated NLP solution that helps extract actionable insights from customer feedback while saving 90% of the time for research.
    Wonderflow Accelerator The Netherlands Current Action Lines Digital Industry
  • Website WoraPay helps retailers to significantly increase sales and profit whilst saving time for their clients. Customers order and pay on their mobile phone without going to the point of sale and therefore avoid any queuing.
    WoraPay United Kingdom Digital Industry Alumni
  • Website Zelros develops an AI and Machine Learning technology, helping insurances increase sales efficiently.
    Zelros Accelerator Country France Current Action Lines Digital Finance
  • Website Zoined provides analytics and reporting services for retailers. By integrating points of sales data in a visual and comprehensive analytics package, Zoined helps merchants to monitor and optimize their revenues.
    Zoined Digital Industry Finland Alumni
  • Website ZonzoFox is an easy to use, smart and customised city guide navigator that considers the user’s individual preferences, available time and position. It offers free services to tourists and sells premium services to local businesses.
    ZonzoFox Italy Digital Cities Alumni

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