Focus Areas

Focus Areas

EIT Digital invests human and financial resources in key high-potential activities for the development of ICT business and talent in Europe. The investments are clustered in a total of 8 pan-European Innovation and Education Focus Areas - portfolios of thematic activities targeting impactful outcomes. Focus Areas are executed within our European ecosystem of top Corporations, SMEs, universities, research institutes and start-ups, and in our Co-Location Centers.

Our 5 Innovation Focus Areas have been strategically chosen: Digital Industry, Digital Cities, Digital Wellbeing, Digital Tech and Digital Finance. In each Focus Area, we select the most promising research results, disruptive technologies and business strategies from our ecosystem and beyond. We package them in Innovation Activities and startups. Our ambition is to drive these innovations to succeed in world markets and become European success stories.

EIT Digital adopts a blended Education approach where students develop cutting-edge ICT knowledge merged with innovation and entrepreneurship skills in a combined setting of physical and virtual classrooms. It consists in 3 Education Focus Areas: Our Master School breeds a new generation of European entrepreneurs, our Doctoral School delivers Europe’s ICT leaders of tomorrow, and our Professional School keeps European information technology professionals ahead of the ever-changing industry needs.

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