Open Request for Proposal: Support and moderation of challenge style events

Open Request for Proposal: Support and moderation of challenge style events

Deadline: The deadline for applications is August 24, 2020, 17:00h CET.


In order to realize its goals, EIT Digital will request support services for the organization, including preparation of Challenge creation, participant recruitment, facilitation and project management, of Events, including EIT Digital’s DeepHack and other hackathon style open innovation events. Within EIT Digital, we have different types of Events, like the DeepHack or BizHack Challenge, which can be Live events or Online events. The contractor and the services it provides should always support the EIT Digital objectives and help to further develop the DeepHack brand. Contractor will deliver the services in accordance with a pre-agreed timeframe for each event. The Contractor will also make available all information collected before or during each event required for EIT Digital to measure its performance against its KPI’s.

We expect (without Tenderers being able to derive any rights from this estimation) that Contractor will be involved in the organization of up to 6 live and/or online events per year and a maximum of 30 Events in total. The framework agreement will be the legal basis for our cooperation. It will be ended at the latest on December 31st, 2023 and/or (previous to that moment) whenever the maximum budget of EUR 800.000,- is reached during the duration of this Framework Agreement. Tenderer should be able to respond to varying demand for planned Events. Tenderer needs therefore to be large enough to cope with this variety as well as with the amount of activities. EIT Digital expects Contractor to ensure the commitment of junior and senior employees in different roles in order to fulfil the Assignment.

Interested companies are invited to react to this call through the channel as described in the Request for Proposal (RfP).

The detailed RFP and appendices are available here:

Download Note of Information

Download RfP Documents and Appendices

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