Open Request for Proposal: Event Agency

Open Request for Proposal: Event Agency

Deadline: The deadline for applications is February 28, 2019 (before 17:00h CET).

Note of Information

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EIT Digital organizes the Conference, Partner Event and General Assembly (COPEGA) every year and it wishes to contract an (event) agency (for the duration of 5 years) which will take care of the execution including contract management for COPEGA. During the two-day COPEGA event we expect to host up to 1.100 unique visitors. The services provided by the Event Agency will give the organizational Committee of Client the possibility to focus on content during this event.

The services that are to be expected from the event agency, are (amongst others):

  • Handling of speakers and journalist travel- and accommodations bookings;
  • Contractor has to make sure all visitors can log on and make use of a Wi-Fi network. Most of the visitors will use the Wi-Fi for “normal” purposes. However, there should also be enough bandwidth for heavy users like EIT Digital Staff that will upload videos and pictures of COPEGA during both days.
  • Invoice handling of all suppliers;
  • Catering management of the entire day;
  • Management of venue and its logistics;
  • Venue booking - except for the first COPEGA on September 9th - September 11th, 2019, while we already booked “the Egg” in Brussels, we do however expect Contractor to overtake the rights and obligations regarding the agreement with the Egg;
  • Selecting, hiring and managing registration and hosting staff;
  • Selecting, hiring and managing Technical crew;
  • Managing all needs regarding Security;
  • Managing Washrooms/restrooms;
  • Management of signage and lights on site in alignment with EIT Digital Communications and event management lead;
  • Managing and coordinating building and dismantling of all event structures, including exhibition booths;
  • Supplying and handling of all technical equipment during the entire Conference, including: plenary hall, side-stages, meeting rooms, press conference room and exhibition with necessary AV-equipment, screens, power cables etc;
  • Providing and managing a digital voting system (including voting devices) for the general assembly;
  • Evaluation of the event and reporting on, for example, visitor satisfaction and on key performance issues like: expenditure, number of visitors, Cost per actual attendee etc. All issues in consultation with Client.

Interested companies are invited to react to this call through the channel as described in the Request for Proposal (RfP).


The detailed RfP and appendices are available here:

Download RfP Documents and Appendices

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