Open Request for Proposal Accountancy and Project Administration

Open Request for Proposal Accountancy and Project Administration

Deadline: The deadline for applications is March 30, 2018 (before 17:00 CET).

Second Note of Information

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First Note of Information

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EIT Digital IVZW wishes to enter into an Agreement with one company which will assure EIT Digital IVZW and its legal entities that Tenderer:

  1. Takes care of all its accounting activities (under which but not limited to) bookkeeping and monthly financial reporting, and does that in accordance to local (at least in the 9 different European Member States) and European legislation and works in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and (as a processor of privacy sensitive information) in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) required for each country. EIT Digital IVZW also has a legal entity in the United States of America for which the same services need to be provided except that EIT Digital IVZW has entered into an agreement with a local provider for Statutory and Fiscal filings;
  2. Provides all services (including in the countries where the legal entities are based) required by the local authorities (statutory and fiscal). These include the maintenance of all tax rulings, the preparation and submission of all VAT and Corporate Income Tax filings as well as the required follow up, preparation, submission/filing and follow up of the Statutory Financial Statements. These services should be performed on time and in accordance with all legal and non-legal obligations in the applicable countries;
  3. Provides all services required for the EIT Horizon 2020 based Cost Reporting. This includes but is not limited to monthly analytical views on the costs based on projects and on Horizon 2020 cost categories. Also, the annual EIT Horizon 2020 Cost report needs to be prepared and submitted and EIT and EU auditors need to be supported to verify the eligibility of the costs;
  4. Fulfils its role with regard to Project Administration enabling to facilitate EIT Digital IVZW proactively. It’s up to Tenderer to determine which services are needed in order to get the best results on the scope of the Assignment. By doing so, Tenderer will secure that EIT Digital IVZW is fulfilling its obligations and all other legal responsibilities, which will be proven by future results of the audits.

Interested companies are invited to react to this call through the channel as described in the Request for Proposal (RfP).


The detailed RfP and appendices are available here:

Download RFP documents and appendices

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