Call for SMEs in Facility Services Enabling Technologies

Call for SMEs in Facility Services Enabling Technologies

Deadline: 16 June 2014

Activity: 14267 Flexible Spaces Service

Leader: Ingrid Schembri (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)

The following 3 sub-grants are targeted to an SME which:

  • Has successfully applied tagging or sensing technologies for built environment utilization and occupants’ tracking.
  • Has a track-record in providing ICT services to organizations e.g. to measure occupancy and plan spaces accordingly.
  • Is knowledgeable about New Ways of Working and is competent in providing services for its enablers (Physical, Social, Technological).
  • Is open to sharing own solutions (or part thereof).
  • Is considering updating own product/service portfolios.
  • Operates in any of the nodes of EIT ICT Labs or in proximity to our pilot locations.
  • Is ready to start work as soon as possible (at the earliest 1 week after the sub-grant application deadline has past).
  • Is committed to the project until the end of year.

Preference will be given to an SME that can provide a plan and an estimate to fulfil all the 3 sub-grants since the 3 tasks are inter-dependent.

Task A1405 Technology Experimentation (Validation & Piloting of the Service) Maximum sub-grant amount of 15k€

This sub-grant is targeted to an SME to contribute to the building and maintenance of the pilot Software as a Service (SaaS) and to provide the interfaces to own tagging or sensing solutions. The SME is expected to create support tools needed for the integrated technologies enabling our SaaS and evaluate it against a business case.

The solution of the SME should be integrated with the middleware platform of iMinds (DYAMAND) that collects the data from all different sensors (i.e. people tracker of VTT, EnOcean occupancy sensors of iMinds and SME’s own sensing solutions). In order to be able to perform this integration, the SME will provide an API to which sensor data can be pushed. The integration will take place @iMinds in Ghent, Belgium. After integration the complete setup will be installed at the premises of P&G Brussels as pilot until the end of the year. The pilot consists of 2 use cases: detection of occupancy of meeting rooms and detection of waiting queue length in the Brussels Innovation Center staff canteen. Time-wise, the aim is to have the setup for use case 1 up and running in July and start with use case 2 from September. This pilot will allow to compare the different sensors in terms of accuracy, supplied information, maintenance, etc. and assess the added value of combining the information from the different sensing systems.

Task A1406 Tech Transfer (Licensing of partner technologies & hosting SaaS interface) Maximum sub-grant amount of 20k€

This sub-grant is targeted to an SME to host and maintain the web-based SaaS, which includes an instrumented dashboard that visualises outputs from tagging or sensing technologies.

The backend system of the SME should be integrated with the iMinds middleware platform so that all sensed data (from the 3 different solutions) can be pushed towards the SME’s backend. On top of this backend, visualisation and reporting tools should be provided so that end users can effectively use the system, and both a real-time and offline comparison of the different technologies becomes possible.

Task A1407 Business Modelling (Corporate Case Business Scenarios) Maximum sub-grant amount of 15k€

This sub-grant is targeted to an SME to compare the sensing technologies and SaaS features in order to calculate the value-add of the piloted SaaS over their own current service offering.

The experience gained with setting up their sensing and visualisation system in the real-life environment of P&G and the feedback from the users will allow the SME to learn the strengths and weaknesses of its own sensing system. Furthermore, the SME will benefit from the comparison with the occupancy sensors and visualisation system of iMinds and people tracking solution of VTT which might provide valuable input for new and updated business models: creation of new services, reduction of installation and/or maintenance costs, etc.

Maximum Grant Volume: 50,000 EUR

Duration: until 31 December 2014

Application to be submitted to:

Application deadline: 16 June 2014

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