Call for SME in Mediating Presence systems (2014:3)

Call for SME in Mediating Presence systems (2014:3)

Application deadline: October 27, 2014, 17.00 CET

Direct procurement / call for tender - available for one SME in the area of Mediating Presence, connected media, and/or videoconferencing systems.

EIT ICT Labs’ activity Mediating Presence, Smart Collaboration Toolbox, in the Smart Spaces Action Line, seeks an SME with the right capabilities to join the activity for the project year 2014 as a subgrantee.

Task description: Connect the ‘Tangiball’ device to a commercially available audio / video platform and validate the application of Tangiball in combination with audio / video communication with end users (e.g elderly and people with mental disorders) in healthcare.

Activity Leader: Charlie Gullström (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)

The technologies in focus improve the feeling of being together in a shared mediated space and support interaction and collaboration between people who are separated in time or space (presence design). Real-time video and audio streams are combined with embedded smart devices and building components that respond to users’ presence by local action or remote interaction.

The ‘Tangiball’ device[1] is one of the results from our mediating presence technology that reaches beyond the computer screen and is matured as part of the EIT ICT Labs Mediating Presence 2014 activity. A key functionality is that end users can develop their own ‘language’ to convey presence and messages between each other using tangible devices or other tools embedded in smart spaces. The Tangiball does not prescribe how to use it. One of the identified target sectors within the activity is healthcare. We need to test the business assumption that users within healthcare are able to develop meaningful interaction via the Tangiball in combination with audio and video communication. If that is the case there is a vast market potential within healthcare. We also need to test the ease of connecting Tangiballs to an existing audio / video platform. Healthcare is a high demanding market and as such, the test should also identify improvements in reliability, security and ease of use. The subgrantee needs to have direct access to the target group and technical skills to be able to connect the Tangiball and the AV platform to run a test this year (2014). The AV platform should be built using standard web technologies and be open and interoperable to connect easily to the Tangiball. Upon agreement, the subgrantee will be given access to Tangiball prototypes.

The subgrantee needs to have experience in the target market to be able to contribute to the development of a feasible business model and market assessment. The Mediating Presence activity has identified the combination of a tangible interface with an audio / video platform as a unique value proposition for health care and other markets. This could provide new market opportunities for both the subgrantee and the ‘Tangiball startup’ to offer a more complete product and service portfolio.

We are seeking an SME that can offer the following:

  • Develop and arrange the connection between the Tangiball device and the AV platform (using open licensed technology) to be able to do end user tests.
  • Provide an evaluation of barriers and drivers in connecting the Tangiball to the AV platform (what works well and what is difficult to achieve).
  • Validate envisioned experience. A central claim with regard to the Tangiball is that the target group is able to develop meaningful interaction with the Tangiball. That claim needs to be validated.
  • Establish at least one validated Business Model Canvas (BMC) that addresses in which way the proof-of-concept addresses a business need (horizon 1 to 4 years).

Maximum grant volume: 25,000 EUR. This includes travel expenses (e.g. one planned visit to Helsinki).

Duration: until 31 December 2014.

The collaboration will be regulated using the standard EIT ICT Labs subgranting agreement, available upon request.

Applications to be submitted to: Charlie Gullström:

Application deadline: October 27, 2014, 17.00 CET

[1] The name ‘Tangiball’ will change as part of the commercialization process. For an introduction to the Tangiball device, please see the following filmclip:

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