Call for SME in Mediating Presence systems (2014:1)

Call for SME in Mediating Presence systems (2014:1)

Application deadline: 5 September 2014, 17.00 CET

Purpose of this Document

Direct procurement / call for tender - available for one SME in the area of Mediating Presence, connected media, videoconferencing systems EIT ICT Labs’ activity Mediating Presence, Smart Spaces Action Line, seeks an SME with the right capabilities to join the activity for the project year 2014 as a subgrantee.


The technologies in focus improve the feeling of being together in a shared mediated space and support interaction and collaboration between people who are separated in time or space (presence design). The target area of expertise is to develop and deploy an integrated system for real-time communication between two specific nodes in the Netherlands, resulting in a research prototype labeled ‘Webtable’. The task is to facilitate user-tests and a later integration of WebRTC components that the activity will develop during 2014. A user test must be effectuated and evaluated before 31 December 2014. When ready, the Webtable will help users in distributed settings to be more productive and reach higher quality of experience in mediating presence by being able to make better use of remote expertise and interact with other users.

Task description

Deploy a real-time video-window with integrated horizontal video-work area, i.e. a “Webtable” prototype. We are seeking an SME that can offer the following:

  • Develop a proof-of-concept WebTable prototype. The WebTable is a telepresence device designed to enhance the sensation of presence for small workgroups of between 4 to 6 people who need to work together on projects but are separated by distance. The Webtable will utilize H.264 and SVC (Scaleable VideoCompression) video compression protocols in order to balance the lowest possible bandwidth with the highest possible image quality. It is assumed that as part of later product development, the Webtable will be transferred to a WebRTC platform. For details, see the full project plan, available upon request.
  • Validate envisioned experience. A central claim with regard to the Webtable is that the shared sensation of presence is improved. Such a claim needs to be validated through an end-user validation test.
  • Establish at least one validated Business Model Canvas (BMC) that addresses in which way the proof-of-concept prototype addresses a business need (horizon 1 to 4 years).

Contract details and procedure

Maximum grant volume: 45,000 EUR. This includes travel expenses.

Duration: until 31 December 2014.

The SME and the Mediating Presence Activity partners will share knowledge and IPR needed to do this project only to be used for this project and only until December 31, 2014.

Applications to be submitted to: Charlie Gullström:

Application deadline: 5 September 2014, 17.00 CET

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