Call for Participation (CFP) for SMEs: Advanced Connectivity Platform for Vertical Segments

Call for Participation (CFP) for SMEs: Advanced Connectivity Platform for Vertical Segments

Deadline: The deadline for submitting proposals is 15 June 2016, 4pm CET.


EIT Digital's mission is to drive European leadership in ICT innovation for economic growth and quality of life.

The Advanced Connectivity Platform for Vertical Segments project (ACTIVE) is about creating a generic connectivity and middle-ware platform including security to support application developers for different segments without having to redo the whole stack. The market uptake of Internet of Things applications can thus be accelerated as developers can focus their efforts towards the application in the vertical segments. The platform will be applied and verified in several vertical sectors such as transport, health and smart buildings to support new services and business models.


This CFP initiative opens the opportunity for SMEs from EIT Digital countries to join the consortium as subgrantees of Ericsson. The SMEs can be either users/customers of or contributors to the ACTIVE HII cloud based IoT solutions. Specifically, we are looking for proposals to work directly with one or more partners’ technology offers in order to enhance the ACTIVE ecosystem. The contribution of the SME should be integrated into ACTIVEs overall solution. We are looking for contributions in two areas as described below:

Development and commercialization of a modular IoT gateway

  • Development of an adaptive and flexible IoT gateway that can be reused in different verticals including (but not limited to) smart building, healthcare, smart cities, machine automation, and logistics.
  • The gateway solution should use an adaptive hardware and software architecture that is easily tailored to the application needs and can be extended/upgraded as the application evolves.
  • The gateway architecture should be modular and simply extendable if new applications emerge and the solution should support a multitude of the most commonly used wireless connectivity options, including WiFi, BLE and at least one cellular option.
  • Maximum sub-grant budget allocated: 30 k€.

Development and commercialization of cloud based Application for IOT systems

  • Development of a system which consists of wearables and meshed devices to be used in buildings for indoor positioning, building automation and bio-metric data collection.
  • Development of user interfaces such as web and smartphones apps to visualize and signalize changes in behavior or status of users or building systems.
    • For Smart Housing this could be information about systems such as heating, cooling, lights, access control, etc., that change status depending on events, sensor data, and actions and indoor positioning of devices and users.
    • For Smart Healthcare it could be information about status information based on biometric data, positioning and behavior.
  • The system needs to be based on a cloud system that analyzes and monitors status for buildings, people, and other systems, etc.
  • The system hardware needs to be based on a combination of wireless and cable communication with a power budget that allows the system to be running for months without the need for support such as battery maintenance.
  • Maximum sub-grant budget allocated: 60 k€.

Why participate

The Advanced Connectivity Platform for Vertical Segments HII is looking to invest a maximum of 90 k€ in 2 SMEs to enhance the commercial offering of the solutions developed in the HII. There are a number of benefits to be gained from working with this high profile European initiative:

  • Access to EIT Digital regional business centres.
  • Exposure of their commercial offerings to the EIT Digital community across Europe.
  • Opportunities to meet potential investors and venture capitalists.
  • Consortia partners are able to support SMEs with various technical and business related challenges.
  • The industrial partners are also looking for potential business opportunities with SMEs, and to build a long-term sustainable business relationship is highly desirable.

Call process

Proposals can be submitted until the 26th of June 2016, 4pm CET. The applications must be made using the CFP template. The application shall be sent to . SMEs are welcome to submit multiple proposals, but only one proposal per SME will be funded.

The successful applicants will be informed by the 28th of July 2016.

Evaluation criteria

  • SME already has products/services available using a modern and scalable technical platform
  • SME has the technical capability to integrate their offering to the ACTIVE HII solution
  • Technical excellence, Business Impact, market potential and maturity level of the proposed solution
  • The application has been submitted using the CFP template and all relevant information is provided
  • The SME has willingness and capability to have personnel physically located in one of the EIT co-location centers where the HII partners are active Helsinki, Stockholm, Milan)
  • Value for money - How much can your company, or customers, benefit from the project. Be as specific as possible.

Contractual relationship

The selected SMEs will need to sign a sub-granting agreement to obtain sub-grant funding from EIT Digital through Ericsson. The requested funding should be justified in the application and include approx. 5k€ travel budget. The level of funding will be dependent on the type and duration of the engagement. The work must be carried out and results must be delivered during 2016.

Following the completion of the sub-granting period, a number of commercial models for the outcomes will be explored together with the partners case by case. The goal is for the collaboration and business to extend beyond the sub-granting period.

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