ARISE Europe Call for Universities (2018)

ARISE Europe Call for Universities (2018)

Deadline: The deadline for applications is January 22, 2018.

Open Call for universities to organise the EIT Digital Summer School

The EIT Digital ARISE Europe programme is looking for a Polish University to organise and execute one if its EIT Digital Summer Schools in Poland that must take place in August 2018.

The ARISE Europe programme, part of the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS), carries out digital and entrepreneurial skills training initiatives in partnership with local institutions. These trainings are part of the EIT Digital Master School and are also open for professionals who want to stay abreast of latest digital developments in one of the EIT Digital’s Action Lines.

The EIT Digital Summer Schools provide a framework for the training of master students and professionals, with the objective of creating a European entrepreneurial and digital savvy workforce. For 2018, the ARISE Europe programme is planning to have one of its Summer Schools to take place in Poland.

Polish Universities who can award master in Computer Science or Computer Engineering and with experience in providing entrepreneurship education and are interested in co-organising one of the Summer Schools are invited to apply.

About EIT Digital Summer Schools

A key component of EIT Digital Master School innovation and entrepreneurship education is the compulsory attendance to a two-week long summer school during the interval between the two academic years. The Summer Schools are also open to external participants, including secondees from EIT Digital’s industrial partners.

In 2018, ten Summer Schools will be held at locations throughout Europe. By taking part in them, students and external attendees immerse themselves in real business cases originating from local accelerators, startups and from the EIT Digital ecosystem of industrial partners.

The summer schools are linked to EIT Digital’s Action Lines, themed around the five areas we see as the most challenging and providing the greatest opportunities for Europe to take a leadership position in the global digital economy: Digital Industry, Digital Cities, Digital Wellbeing, Digital Infrastructure, and Digital Finance.

Each school is expected to host thirty EIT Digital Master School students plus approximately twenty external participants, adding to a total of about fifty attendees.

More information about the EIT Digital Summer Schools is available here:

Summer Schools

About the EIT Digital Summer School in Poland

The Summer School in Poland is supposed to take place in August. The thematic focus should fit the Digital Cities Action Line of EIT Digital.

The organisation of the Summer School includes the following tasks:

  • Ensure the venues of the Summer School
  • Provide logistics, including catering for two weeks, printed materials, and social events (a one-day weekend event and a farewell dinner)
  • Nominate a local organiser coordinating the organisation and keeping in touch with the EIT Digital teamtypo3/
  • Collect use cases from the local innovation ecosystem (corporates, scaleups or startups) for student teams to work on
  • Invite speakers

Why Applying

By applying to our call, applicants will be able to introduce themselves - their strengths; their education portfolio; their staff (including staff to be involved in the organisation of the Summer School); their local ecosystems and their network - and compete. If selected, they will have the chance to participate in a joint effort aimed at organizing one of the 10 EIT Digital Summer Schools in 2018. Some of the benefits of working with EIT Digital are:

  • Connect to EIT Digital’s EU-wide partnership and education & innovation ecosystem.typo3/
  • Gain higher visibility at the European level by connecting to EIT Digital's education and innovation activities.
  • Extend and strengthen your local ecosystem by jointly mobilising, attracting and involving new stakeholders.
  • Be fully empowered thanks to a strong co-funding mechanism of joint activities.

How to Apply

The Application Form is available here:

Download Application Form

To apply, please, fill in the application form with all the relevant details and send it to

An expression of interest to apply, sent to the same address, would be appreciated.

Closure of the call: January 22, 2018

Main Selection Criteria

  • Local / regional attractiveness.
  • Applicant’s capacity of attracting and engaging students.
  • Stable presence in the local / regional ecosystem.
  • Excellent reputation in the local / regional ecosystem.
  • A strong network of digital corporates, SMEs and startups that can be mobilized for the Summer School.
  • A track record of cooperation with companies. For example: joint activities, internships, entrepreneurial education with use cases provided by the companies.
  • A track record of organising international and local events (special emphasis on international Summer Schools and cross-field programmes).
  • Financial stability.

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