A software API for a vendor agnostic framework for wireless sensor network gateways for Smart Energy Systems

The new energy market and smart grids are getting more and more important these days. The EIT Activity "Open SES Experience Labs” within the action line "Smart Energy Systems" aims to develop technologies for sensing, modelling and visualization of energy to provide tools ("Apps") that are easy to use and adapted to the need of ordinary consumers. For taking those goals further, the activity is looking for a SME to develop a framework for wireless sensor networks.

A detailed description of the problem statement and expected work of the SME can be found in the following document: Download full call text

General conditions:

  • The funding for the task is 40.000€, which includes personal costs and travelling costs
  • The SME will join the EIT ICT Activity from 01.01.2014 - 31.12.2014
  • The call will close at 18th of December, decision about participation is January 7th

Proposal shall be submitted in written from and English to: Dagmar Koss (koss@fortiss.org)

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