Tender: Early-Stage Business Modeling Instrument for a Technology Acceleration Platform

Tender: Early-Stage Business Modeling Instrument for a Technology Acceleration Platform


The EIT ICT Labs Satellite Co-Location Center (CLC) Munich and CLC Trento are developing a Technology Acceleration Platform for purposefully teaming up researchers from action lines (in particular, CPS and SES), entrepreneurial teams, start-ups, and SMEs from all over Europe with industrial technology leaders in a sustainable manner for systematically developing business and growth opportunities. Entrepreneurial teams, start-ups, and SMEs with mature ICT need strategic coaching centered on real business needs and alliances with industrial business partners for accelerated commercialization.

Driven by business needs, technology innovations can be developed more systematically and market-oriented. Start-ups can identify new niche markets and become partners of international value networks at an early stage of their entrepreneurial cycle.

Established instruments of the local innovation ecosystem at the Co-Location Centers are used for identifying and maturing business opportunities in a systematic innovation process. This task applies well proven business modeling instruments of partners of the Satellite CLC Munich for answering the following questions for the carrier technology:

  • What is a promising business model?
  • What could a prototype look like?
  • What is a promising licensing/patenting strategy?

For answering these questions, the following well-proven instruments are applied:

  • 1. Product Development Accelerator (PDA) is used to advance mature technologies to a working, investor-ready prototype and equipped with a concrete, tangible business idea (business model + market entrance strategy). The PDA is a format by CDTM, which has been successfully run for over 10 years.
  • 2. IP-by-Design (Fraunhofer) for developing a strong patent portfolio and strategy for the technology.

Business modeling is evaluated by technical and business experts of the tech leaders and by the business developers of the EIT ICT Labs Business Development Accelerator (BDA) Munich/Trento with the explicit goal of identifying real business cases and developing a roadmap towards commercialization.

Expected results

The above mentioned instruments are applied relatively late in the process when teams already have a specific application and an idea for a business model. If teams have only a promising technology but no application scenario and/or no concrete idea for a business model, these instruments are insufficient. Therefore the Satellite CLC Munich and CLC Trento are looking for business modeling instruments which;

  • Identify technologies and research findings in the fields of CPS and SES
  • Develop application scenarios for teams’ technologies
  • Elaborate and evaluate potential business models if teams only have an early idea or field of application for a technology
  • Identify competitors, possible customer segments and market potentials
  • Assess feasible business models
  • Analyze the entrepreneurial competencies of a start-up team
  • Create awareness for building a strong start-up team
  • Assess the possible paths for commercialization

The instruments should be applied to teams in a workshop format in Munich on-site at least twice during the duration of the activity and should incorporate the diverse nature of potential teams which may consist of diverse nationalities and academic backgrounds, e.g. computer science, business administration or engineering.

Furthermore, it is expected to continuously improve instruments and document results in order to facilitate the rollout of the Technology Acceleration Platform to other EIT ICT CLCs.

Required competences and decision criteria

Applying institutions / SMEs must be highly experienced in identifying technologies as wells as in practical oriented training in the field of entrepreneurship - especially in the field of structuring ideas and potential business models as well as in coaching teams on essential business planning components, e.g. market research, competitor analysis and identifying potential customer segments. Also, applying institutions / SMEs must possess a high degree of technological comprehension and the ability to evaluate and outline diverse application scenarios for innovative technologies and ideas.

General Conditions

The Satellite CLC Munich and CLC Trento intend to perform two innovation process cycles for the Technology Acceleration Platform in 2014 (spring/fall). This means applying institutions/SME’s business modeling instruments have to be implemented at least twice in 2014. The allocated maximum budget for this activity is 30,000 EUR which shall cover all related costs including traveling costs.

Duration: from 17 March until 31 December 2014
Applications to be submitted to: André Leimbrock
Application deadline: 10 March 2014, 23:59 CET

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