Tender: EIT Health and Wellbeing (HWB) Business Community

Tender: EIT Health and Wellbeing (HWB) Business Community

Call for European Health and Wellbeing SME’s to participate in 2013 EIT ICT Labs Activity

Deadline: The deadline for submitting the applications is March 22, 2013.
Description: This tender is set to launch a new EIT activity to network and promote European Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) under the EIT ICT Labs Health and Wellbeing (HWB) innovation area. This activity is aimed at helping the local participating SMEs to identify new business opportunities in Europe and beyond, and to benefit from the local ecosystems of four EIT ICT Labs nodes: Trento, Helsinki, Eindhoven and Paris.

The activity will select 3-5 SMEs from each node, with the aim of involving them in EIT ICT Labs HWB action line activities, connecting them better with each other and to local emerging HWB clusters of the participating nodes. Workshops, events and professional coaching will help SMEs to understand differences between cultures and geographic markets.

The SMEs, under the high-quality banner of EIT ICT Labs HWB action line, will
receive benefits including marketing and promotion, participation in one or two highly visible promotion events, links to established businesses and financial grants to aid their mobility. The selection of the location for the events will depend also on the needs of the selected companies, but the initial plan is that one of the events would be held in China.

This activity will strongly promote the external visibility and recognition of European SME HWB innovators.

Download document with all details for the tender here.
Submission of proposals:
The Application shall be sent by e-mail as a PDF file to Activity Lead Marko Turpeinen, Node Director of the EIT ICT Labs Helsinki. 

Any related questions should be directed towards the same contact before the

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