Call for participation: Software-Defined-Networking

Call for participation: Software-Defined-Networking

Deadline: Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

In cooperation with the University of California, Berkeley (ICSI) EIT Digital invites interested researchers to participate in two Post-Doc projects on “Software-Defined-Networking”. The project implementation will take place at the ICSI in close collaboration with the EIT Digital Silicon Valley Hub. Prof. Scott Shenker will supervise the project. The project period will last approximately 6 to 24 months. The project plan will be coordinated with Prof. Shenker and EIT Digital.

Interested participants need at least a Doctoral Degree (magna cum laude or better) from a German University. Applications (including a CV) must be sent to

The project maybe financed with DAAD FITweltweit. This may require an additional selection process.

Project topics:

1) E2: By moving network appliance functionality from proprietary hardware to software, Network Function Virtualization promises to bring the advantages of cloud computing to network packet processing. However, the evolution of cloud computing (particularly for data analytics) has greatly benefited from application-independent methods for scaling, placement, and fault-tolerance that achieve high efficiency while relieving programmers of these burdens. NFV has no such general management solutions. To fill this void, we have developed Elastic Edge (E2) which handles scaling, placement, fault-tolerance, and SLA-enforcement in an application-agnostic and coherent manner. We are working with various companies to deploy E2 in operational settings.  Work on E2 would involve bringing the system to a more advanced prototype stage, with a wider variety of NFs (and providing application-specific snapshotting). Thus, the work would focus on both E2 itself, and a variety of NFs that can fully leverage its properties.  Deploying E2 within the context of the SDN testbed would also be part of the anticipated work.

2) DI: Modern enterprise infrastructures typically involve one or more distributed systems that must be configured to run in the particular underlying physical facility. We are building a system, called Declarative Infrastructure (DI), where users can specify their desired distributed system in a high-level policy language that handles all the site-specific configuration. Work on DI would focus on using this approach to specify experimental systems for the EIT-sponsored SDN testbed, making it easier to run and share experiments.

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