Call for SMEs involvement during 2015 in Trusted Data Management with Service Ecosystem project

Call for SMEs involvement during 2015 in Trusted Data Management with Service Ecosystem project

Deadline: The deadline for submitting proposals is August 7th, 2015


The "Trusted Data Management with Service Ecosystem" initiative goal is to provide consumers and businesses with better tools and services to take greater control over the use of sensitive and personal data created by and about them. At the same time this data is enabling and stimulating the business growth - companies within the trusted service eco-system, accelerated by the HII, are developing innovative and trusted products and services which can be tailored and personalized for the specific needs of the individuals and businesses. The call is issued by the EIT Digital partner Telecom Italia S.p.A., Italy.

Scope of the Call

The objective of the two sub-grants is the development/consolidation of two Android mobile applications (based on preliminary Telecom Italia’s prototypes), connected to the Telecom Italia’s My Data Store platform, enabling users toward the collection and control of their personal data. You can find more detailed information about this call HERE.

Required SME competences and experiences

Contractors are requested to provide evidence of expertise with the activities that are subject of these sub-grants, in particular Android mobile app development and Graphical User Interface.

Duration of Involvement

The work must be carried out and results must be delivered within December 2015.


The allocated maximum SMEs budget for the two sub-grants is EUR 30000 and EUR 25000 respectively, for a total maximum amounts of EUR 55000. This shall cover all costs related to the project including traveling.

Project contract and results delivery

The detailed specification for results, delivery of results and financial reimbursement will be worked out once a suitable candidate has been selected.

Response and Evaluation criteria

Responses to this call shall be sent to Lorenzo Cordin, Telecom Italia ( The successful applicants will be informed by August 21st.

Responses shall include the following information:

  • Description of the company, relevant competences and experiences
  • Link to portfolio of realized apps
  • CV of the persons that will be involved in the project
  • Contact person
  • Specify if the application is for 1 (which one) or for both sub-grants
  • Requested budget and motivation
  • Agreement to move to Trento’s EIT Digital node, to have meetings with the sub-granter
  • Agreement to respect the proposed project timeline
  • Prove expertise to develop Apps in Italian

Candidate SMEs will be evaluated with respect to their competences/experiences and their suitability given the scope of the project.

The evaluation of responses will be performed by Telecom Italia’s project leaders, in consultation with the HII action line leader and other involved partners.

You can find more detailed information about this call HERE, and more enquires can be sent to Lorenzo Cordin, Telecom Italia (

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