Call for SMEs in Future Networking Solutions

Call for SMEs in Future Networking Solutions

Grants available for two SMEs in the area of Future Networking Solutions

EIT ICT Labs has two activities in 2014 in the segment of Future Networking Solutions that seek SMEs with the right capabilities to join the respective activity for the project year 2014 as a subgrantee.

1. Activity 14010 Efficient IoT Content    
Leader: Olof Schelén (Luleå University of Technology)

The target area of expertise is deploying and evaluating prototypes for machine-to-machine communication that operate in resource-constrained environments where connectivity is  intermittent.  More specifically, sensor data, machine status reports, instructions (such as work schedules), software updates, etc. are to be conveyed between a set of machines and a control/surveillance station, using wireless networks   and mobile devices (carried by humans or installed on vehicles).

We are seeking an SME that can offer:

  • access to a production-like environment with intermittent connectivity in which production and/or prototype equipment for machine-to-machine communication is operational  
  • deploying software- and hardware prototypes supporting machine-to-machine communication in the production-like environment and integrated them with other systems
  • visits for activity members to the production environment to assist if need be  
  • perform qualitative (functional) tests and quantitative (performance) measurements in an automated fashion during regular operation 
  • system integration and development support for mobile devices and for measurement systems 
  • business case modeling for domain-specific use cases (e.g., in mines)

Maximum grant volume: 60,000 EUR   
Duration: until 31 December 2014
Applications to be submitted to: Olof Schelén <>   
Application deadline: 31 January 2014, 23:59 UTC 

2. Activity 14326: MOSES -- Mobile Opportunistic Services for Experience Sharing    
Leader: Joerg Ott (Aalto University) 

The target area is the development, deployment, business modeling, and evaluation of a mobile experience sharing platform and application(s) for visitors of fairs, amusement   parks, and events, among others, to (instantaneously) share their experience among each other, without the need to detour through cloud services. The project will address mobile  applications (and supporing local infrastructure) aiming at the Expo 2015 fair.  Example applications include instant sharing of photos and video clips with associated information openly or within a group.

We are seeking an SME that can offer:

  • a robust communication platform for mobile applications that supports online and offline, cloud-based and peer-to-peer, infrastructure-based and ad-hoc communication
  • this platform available at least for Android devices and embedded Linux devices  
  • an API for real-time and delay-tolerant communications
  • a solution at least at beta level at the beginning of 2014 so that the project-specific work can commence right away 
  • augment the platform as needed to realize the target applications 
  • support in business modeling for the project-specific specific use case

Maximum grant volume: 50,000 EUR   
Duration: until 31 December 2014
Applications to be submitted to: Joerg Ott <>   
Application deadline: 28 January 2014, 23:59 UTC

The applicants should submit a company profile and a proposal (of no more than four pages) that comprises at least the following elements: 

  • the expertise in the field 
  • the specific contributions ("value-add") offered 
  • how the expectations will be met 
  • an estimated cost breakdown for manpower, project-related equipment, and travel (assume some 3000 EUR for project-related travel).

In both cases, a grant agreement will be signed with Aalto University as the EIT ICT Labs partner responsible for the deliverables by the SME.  This agreement will also address IPR handling within the project.


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