Call for SMEs in Big Data Analytics Business Use Case Analysis

Call for SMEs in Big Data Analytics Business Use Case Analysis

Deadline: 15 July, 2014

Activity: 12115 Europa: EIT's cloud-based data-intensive computing infrastructure

Leader: Volker Markl (TU Berlin)

The following sub-grant is targeted to an SME which:

  • Has successfully used large-scale data analysis in business cases related to Smart Cities or other markets;
  • Can demonstrate a partner network and/or customer list that can; potentially use the Stratosphere platform;
  • Is considering to update their own product/service protfolios;
  • Is ready to start work as soon as possible (at the earliest 1 week after the sub-grant application deadline has past);
  • Is committed to the project until the end of the year.

Task A1405: Maximum sub-grant amount of 30k euros

This sub-grant is targeted to an SME that will conduct market analysis research and bring to a relevant market the Stratosphere open-source platform for large-scale data analysis ( The SME is expected to integrate Stratosphere with its existing products and solutions, and generate at least one customer proof of concept that uses the Stratosphere platform.

An area of particular interest is using Stratosphere to analyze the wealth of sensor data that is generated by the interaction of citizens with urban infrastructure.

The expected result is (1) a product/solution that integrates and builds upon the Stratosphere open source platform that has been successfully tested by a customer or partner of the SME, as well as (2) a report on the current solutions used in the market that the SME is operating on and a feasibility analysis for Stratosphere as a platform that could serve this market.


Deadline: 15 July 2014

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