Call for SME involvement during 2014 in EIT ICT Labs project CPS Integrated Information Engineering

Call for SME involvement during 2014 in EIT ICT Labs project CPS Integrated Information Engineering

Deadline: The deadline for submitting proposals is December 31, 2013. 


The proposed project, “CPS Integrated Information Engineering” (CPS IEE), is requesting the engagement of a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) with relevant experience in the integration of engineering information systems for CPS. CPS IEE is part of the EIT ICT Labs action line Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). The call is issued by the EIT ICT Labs partner Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden.

Scope of the Call

CPS IEE addresses the fragmentation of information and tools used throughout the lifecycle of CPS’s. The recent standard (OSLC), and industrial as well as research developments, are paving ways towards more efficient integration. In this project, these results will be evaluated and pilots will be realized for specific industrial scenarios. Examples of such relevant scenarios include traceability of information items throughout the life-cycle and the ability to create customized dashboards by retrieving information from integrated tools. The project will develop tool integration assets, such as tool adaptors and support tools for integration, validated on the pilots.

To support the development of the pilots, we plan to include an SME which will develop tool adaptors, and possibly integrated tools, utilizing OSLC technology, where a primary goal is to generate open source assets.

A strong interaction is foreseen between the SME, KTH and Ericsson, as one of the industrial partners of the project.

Required SME competences and experiences

The following competences and experiences are required:

Strong competence in OSLC
Strong competence in information system integration
Previous experience and involvement in OSLC (pre-)standardization activities
Tool development related to embedded systems development

Duration of Involvement 
The SME will take part in the IIE activity from January 1st until December 31st 2014.


The allocated maximum SME budget amounts to EUR 46400. This shall cover all costs related to the project (thus also traveling costs).

Response and Evaluation criteria

Responses to this call shall be sent to Martin Törngren, KTH, Stockholm,Sweden
Responses shall include the following information in a maximum of 2 pages:

  • Confirmation that the respondent is an SME as defined by the European commission
  • CV of the person that will be working in the project.
  • Relevant competences and experiences of the SME.
  • Expectations and ambition for the SME participation in the project.
  • Contact person of the SME.

Candidate SMEs will be evaluated with respect to their competences / experiences and their suitability given the scope of the project, where strong interests in promoting open standards for tool interoperability and in contributing to open source software will be important. Due to the small size of the project we expect that one person (as far as practical) will be allocated by the SME for the project.

The evaluation of responses will be performed by the project leader and an expert nominated by Ericsson, in consultation with the CPS action line leader.

KTH reserves the right to disregard responses which are not consistent with the stated criteria. This call does not bind KTH and EIT ICTLabs to proceed with the award of any funding and we reserve the right to at any moment cancel the evaluation process. 

Project contract and results delivery 

The detailed specification for results, delivery of results and financial reimbursement will be worked out once a suitable candidate has been selected.

Enquiries about this call can be sent to Martin Törngren, KTH, Stockholm

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