Call for Proposals: Support for the EIT ICT Labs Outreach Programme

Call for Proposals: Support for the EIT ICT Labs Outreach Programme


We request offers for supportive work in the framework of the EIT ICT Labs Outreach Programme. 


Deadline for submitting proposals is: October 17th, 2013 at 24:00 hours CET. 

 The overall goal of this activity is to promote EIT ICT Labs’ knowledge and expertise outside the EIT ICT Labs node countries by creating opportunities for networking and exchanging good practices. 

This has to be achieved in two steps, ideally in this order: 

first: excellence scouting, 

second: mobility and events. 

Excellence scouting means: Identification of clusters, organizations, academic institutions and start-ups. Preparation & organizing promotional visits (German node management will be able to travel for approx. 3 days to each focussed country). 

Mobility & Events means: Preparing & organizing return visits for experts from the focussed countries for face to face meetings in the co-location centres (CLCs) of EIT ICT Labs nodes, with node management and/or, action line staff, or workshops with selected action lines. 

The focussed countries of this year’s activities from the German Node Berlin are Poland, Czech Republic and Latvia. 

Detailed description of tasks that need to be covered within the proposal: 

Proposal must contain support for the following tasks for this year’s (2013) activities: 

(1) Local Scouting Support for Poland, Czech Republic and Latvia. 

- We will address relevant contacts already identified in 2012 in order to expand and deepen our network, such data will be shared with the successful proposer for the avoidance of double-work. In each of the focussed countries, at least 10 new organisations and 15 new incubators and/or start-ups compared to EIT ICT Labs activities in 2012 shall be identified and proposed to EIT ICT Labs, which will then select from these the organisations and start-ups/incubators for further action. 

- Preparing & organizing promotional visits to focussed countries to organizations and start-ups. These visits shall consist of meetings and presentations promoting EIT ICT Labs activities in general and possible invitation to return visits CLCs and action lines. 

- Visits as mentioned above to selected organisations and star-ups/incubators will be conducted from EIT ICT Labs’ side primarily by the members of the Node Management Team of the German Node and may be accompanied by the agency (facultative, but not necessarily). 

(2) Support in organizing workshops, travel arrangements for external experts / guests 

- Preparation & organization of up to 15 counter-visits of representatives of these selected organizations/ start-ups to CLCs or meetings with action lines (probably in Berlin, Munich or Helsinki). 

A final report on the work conducted with detailed work descriptions and cost statements has to be provided until December 23rd, 2013, containing separate information on both activities. 

The offer shall be structured in these tasks. Offers that do not include the full scope of this CFP may not be considered when awarding the contract. 

Project language is English. Final reports shall be produced with Power Point in the Project language. 

This work needs to be carried out and finalised in 2013. A final invoice needs to be received on December 31st, end of business, the very latest, and will be paid within four weeks time. 

Please submit your offer by e-mail until October 17, 2013, 24:00 hours CET to: Dr. Udo Bub, EIT ICT Labs Germany GmbH, F.A.O. Outreach Proposal Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7, 10587 Berlin, Germany 

E-Mail: Udo Bub and cc to Kai Rose 

Any questions can be directed to those persons as well. 

About EIT ICT Labs: 

EIT ICT Labs is one of the first three Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) selected by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) to accelerate innovation in Europe. EIT is a new independent community body set up to address Europe's innovation gap. It aims to rapidly emerge as a key driver of EU’s sustainable growth and competitiveness through the stimulation of world-leading innovation. 

EIT ICT Labs is EIT’s KIC for the Information Society. We breed entrepreneurial ICT top talent by transforming higher education towards promoting innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Our Co-location Centres and mobility programs help bring people from different countries, disciplines and organizations together. Please visit our website for further information. 

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