Call: Mobility and Networking within EIT ICT Labs, Trento RISE initiative

Call: Mobility and Networking within EIT ICT Labs, Trento RISE initiative

Call for applications 2013

Goal of the Trento RISE “Mobility and Networking within EIT ICT Labs” initiative is to promote the exchange of researchers between Trento and partners of the EIT ICT Labs, so as to stimulate the setup of joint collaborations and project proposals. 

Eligible applicants:
Trento RISE solicits applications from researchers affiliated with EIT ICT Labs. All EIT ICT Labs partners (core, affiliate, and associated) are eligible as exchange partners. An unofficial list of the current EIT ICT Labs partners is attached to this document, in Appendix 2, for the applicants’ convenience. Exchange of researchers is funded in two directions: outgoing visits, for researchers of Trento RISE visiting other partners, and incoming visits, for researchers coming to Trento from some other partner. Researchers of any seniority (including PhD students) can participate in this mobility and networking initiative. 

Duration of the visits:
Visits can have variable duration, depending on their goals. The typical, expected duration for senior researchers is 2-8 days; for junior researchers and PhD students 1-6 weeks. 

Submission and notification timing:
Submission will remain open until the end of November 2013. The Evaluation Committee will gather in the first week of each month, and will evaluate the applications received over the previous month. Notification of the outcome will be sent by the 7th day of the month following the submission. 

Eligible costs:
For outgoing visits, eligible costs reimbursed by Trento RISE include travel, accommodation, and meals. The latter are reimbursed upon presentation of the related receipts. For incoming visits, Trento RISE will prepay both travel and accommodation. Also, incoming visitors can freely use the Trento RISE canteen. 

Application form:
A template for the application is provided in Appendix 1. The application includes a short description of the collaboration project, which can be at most 3500 characters long (approximately 1 page). The application shall be sent by e- mail as a PDF file to and to

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