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Partners Scaleups Reports

In 2017, EIT Digital produced 4 comprehensive repots on local ecosystems with its innovation partners. These reports give an insight of the reality of the innovation and scaleup scene in each of the ARISE region where EIT Digital has activities.

Portugal - Portuguese Scaleups Report 2017

Portuguese Scaleups Report 2017
Portuguese Scaleups Report 2017

EIT Digital together with Portuguese-based accelerator, Building Global Innovators BGI, issued the Portuguese Scaleup Report during Scaleup Porto. The report depicts in detail the 25 most promising Portuguese Scaleups with less than 5 years of activity. The report also draws insights on the opportunities and threats of the Portuguese ecosystem and provides recommendations “for startups given by startups” as well as for national and European players on how to retain and maximize talents in a competitive market.

Key facts:

  • The 25 top Portuguese emerging scaleups have collectively raised a total of $ 142 Million.
  • Although the top scaleups benefit significantly from international funding, 32% of the 25 firms are exclusively funded from Portuguese sources (Business angels, VCs and BGI).
  • Portugal has the greatest proportion of its funding from equity when compared to America and other European countries.
  • ICT and Consumer & Web scaleups have the most capital funding.

Download the report on the Scale-Up Portugal website:

Scale-Up Portugal

Slovakia - 2017: Report on Slovakia's top scaleups and its growing innovation ecosystem

2017: Report on Slovakia's top scaleups and its growing innovation ecosystem
Report on Slovakia’s top scaleups and its growing innovation ecosystem

The report, prepared by EIT Digital and innovation partner Neulogy will feature Slovakia’s Top 15 scaleup companies. Earlier in 2017, the Slovak Alliance for Innovation Economy (SAPIE) put together the first-ever study on Slovak scaleups. The report by EIT Digital and Neulogy elaborates on the findings in their report and expand the knowledge about emerging Slovak scaleup companies that grow by more than 20% annually. With this in mind, Neulogy also joined forces with SAPIE in the production of this new scaleup report titled “Slovak Challengers 2017: Report on Slovakia’s top scaleups and its growing innovation ecosystem”.

Key insights:

  • The Top 15 Slovak scaleups generated revenues of over 23million € in 2016 in Slovakia.
  • One third of these top scaleups already sell in foreign markets.
  • 4 of these companies raised more than 5 million €.
  • 14 out of 15 companies continuously conduct R&D activities.

Download Report

Southeast Europe - Startup Report 2017

Startup Report 2017
Startup Report 2017

EIT Digital together with Slovenian-based innovation partner, ABC Accelerator, has published in 2017 the first ever South-East Europe Startup Report. The report lists in detail the most promising Startups and Scaleups of the region and the state of the innovation ecosystem in 8 countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Albania).

While the SEE startup ecosystem is relatively small and under-developed, it still holds great potential for creating fast-growing startups. In particular, the report recognized the following areas of the startup and innovation ecosystem with the greatest potential: commercialization of innovation and research from academia, and an outsourcing software development community.

Download the report on the ABC-Accelerator website:


Greece - Startups in Greece report

Startups in Greece report
Startups in Greece report

Startups in Greece report is a study of the state of Greek startups in relation to the country’s financial situation, that lists the top 10 funded startups in Greece, as well as the top 10 in terms of successful exits. The report provides a valuable scope in the Greek startup ecosystem, highlighting potential opportunities for investment and growth. Despite all the difficulties, the Greek startup scene is vibrant, and there are many successful examples of companies attracting equity funding or making successful exits.

Key facts:

  • Between 2013-2016 the European Investment Fund through the JEREMIE initiative allocated approximately €55M to four programmes. These funds managed €72M in total and invested in approximately 60 companies.
  • During that time, the Greek startup community witnessed the birth of 80+ funded technology companies, presenting a significant increase comparing to previous years.
  • New opportunities for the Greek companies come from the establishment of EquiFund, that will bring €260M into the Greek market. The new ‘Fund-of-Funds’ programme, signed on December 22, 2016 and is managed by the European Investment Fund, aims to boost entrepreneurship and create a lasting impact on local businesses.

Download the report on the Found.ation website:


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