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ARISE Venture Program

ARISE Venture Program

Applications are closed.

Part of the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme, the ARISE Europe Venture Program is a two-stage competition that supports the establishment of deep-tech-based ventures in East and Western Balkans.

ARISE Venture ProgramARISE Europe Venture Program is designed to help entrepreneurs :

  • Develop and finalize their Minimal Viable Product
  • Establish their startup company

ARISE Europe Venture Program offers to participants:

  • Up to 15,000 € (5,000 in the first stage and 10,000 in the second) per applicant from EIT Digital,
  • Expert support in the development and finalization of their MVP,
  • Training in entrepreneurial skillset through a two-day Bootcamp,
  • 6 week-long Acceleration Phase provided by experienced mentors.

The program is equity based (7%).
The program is executed in two Regional Editions and will be delivered by selected Innovation Partners of EIT Digital.

The Acceleration Phase will be executed by ABC Accelerator and Found.ation.

ABC Accelerator Group, Found.ation

Why you should apply

We are looking for strong value propositions from enthusiast entrepreneurs, with an existing prototype or Proof of Concept (PoC) or who are eager to finalize an MVP during an intensive 6 weeks program.

Depending on regional edition, Entrepreneurs can be based in Croatia, Slovenia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. 

Only teams who have not yet established their company as a legal entity can apply.

The venture program focuses on deep innovation: new deep-tech-leveraged by global solutions requiring consistent human and financial resources to achieve commercialization.

The program focuses on 5 market verticals:

How to apply

Submissions are expected to be done by multidisciplinary teams with both technology & management skills.

All applications must be submitted in English in writing using :

– no paper submissions will be considered.

  • Submissions must be received no later than 15th May 2018, 23:59:00 CEST
  • Please read carefully the Rules and Regulations of the EIT Digital ARISE Venture Program before submitting your application: link
  • The program is equity based and participating teams commit to give 7% of shares of any established venture resulting from the program.
  • Read and download full Rules & Regulation: For East Balkan / For West Balkan

(By submitting the requested information, teams represent and warrant that they have all rights, title and/or interest in it and that it is accurate and complete and that by submitting to the ARISE Europe Venture Program, they are not and will not be likely to be violating any contract or third party rights, including any patents, copyright, trade secret, proprietary or confidential information, trademark, publicity or privacy right.)

By applying to the Venture Program, teams participate in a two stage competition. In the first stage teams have the chance to win a “Growth Package” consisting of a cash prize and the participation in the Acceleration Phase. Admission to the second stage requires the successful completion of the first stage and the incorporation of the venture, and gives the chance to applicating ventures to win the “Final Prize”, a cash prize of 10,000 €. Established ventures will provide EIT Digital with 7% equity.

Key milestones of the program

Submissions Deadline15th May 2018
Selection Interviews18th May 2018
Announcement of winners21st May 2018
Contracts signed1st June 2018
BootcampJune 2018: ABC 9-10th / Found.ation 4-5th
End of Program and Pitch Day12 and/or 13 July 2018
Venture Incorporation1st September

Meet our experts team

Fabio Pianesi
EIT Digital
Fabio Pianesi
Thomas Kösters
EIT Digital
Thomas Kösters
Ales Pustovrh
ABC Accelerator Group
Ales Pustovrh
Dimitris G. Kalavros-Gousiou
Dimitris G. Kalavros-Gousiou
Filippos Zakopoulos
Filippos Zakopoulos

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