EIT Digital 2020: For a strong digital Europe

EIT Digital 2020: For a strong digital Europe

Join us in boosting entrepreneurship and education for a strong Digital Europe

On March 5, 2019, EIT Digital launches the construction of the ‘EIT Digital 2020’ activities and accepts submissions until May 3, 2019. EIT Digital 2020 is aimed at entrepreneurial minds planning to launch a digital tech startup or product, or to deliver entrepreneurial digital tech education programmes.

The EIT Digital work programme 2020 is guided by the EIT Digital Strategic Innovation Agenda 2020-2022, which identifies the five strategic areas of our work programme: Digital Tech, Digital Industry, Digital Cities, Digital Wellbeing and Digital Finance. We consider these to be the key strategic areas to work on for a strong digital Europe.

During the period of March 5 to May 3, 2019, EIT Digital solicits proposals for its Innovation Factory and Entrepreneurship Academy. The selection will be finalised by the end of June 2019 and activities are expected to start on January 1, 2020.

Application for EIT Digital 2020 has closed.

Planning to launch a digital tech startup or product?

Come work with us and participate in the

Digital Innovation Factory

  • The EIT Digital Innovation Factory supports pan European entrepreneurial teams to launch new startups and new products. With our pre-incubation support, you will be embedded in our European ecosystem and receive a financial co-investment to package your technology, sign up customers and attract investors.
  • New startups or new products created by pan-European teams from education, research and business organizations are a focus for EIT Digital.
  • Address a specific business pain in either of our five strategic areas. Build a specific plan showcasing your technology solution and your will to create value by launching a startup or a minimal viable product. If you are selected, we will co-invest in your plan, with a return on investment expectation.
  • Pan European innovation teams of two to five complementary organizations with a joint innovation plan are recommended.
  • In 2020, through agile, intensive pan European collaboration supported by EIT Digital, your team will create a startup or package a minimum viable product (MVP) as the outcome of your innovation activity.
    Your first step in conquering the world!


Planning to deliver an entrepreneurial digital tech education programme?

Come work with us and participate in the:

Digital Entrepreneurship Academy

  • The EIT Digital Entrepreneurship Academy provides education support for development and deployment of programmes and courses with business development oriented components. You can be part of our European ecosystem of Higher Education Institutions and co-invest with us to receive both financial and experienced teaching support.
  • Invest with us in one of our Schools and provide the differential knowledge to the future digital entrepreneurs in Europe. If you are selected, we will co-invest in your plan, with a return on investment expectation.
  • Let’s work together in one of the existing Master programs with new tracks of specialization and benefit of our network of outstanding Universities.
  • Deploy new professional courses and create new links among Institutes, Universities and Digital Companies.
  • Be our partner in the deployment of our Summer Schools with real business challenges creating international teams that will provide unique experiences of I&E education.
  • Deliver Industrial Doctoral education that links the industrial needs with the innovative driven research that will result on real disruptive products!


No Innovation without Education

Connecting innovation and education is fundamental in EIT Digital.

Get a strong competitive advantage by integrating Innovation and Education Activities in your proposal.

Have a proposal for the Digital Innovation Factory?

  • Get access to the entrepreneurial talents of our Academy by offering internship positions to our students in your Innovation Activity.
  • Benefit from the entrepreneurial skills of our graduates by involving them in your startup team.

Have a proposal for the Digital Entrepreneurship Academy?

  • Identify thesis topics for our Industrial Doctoral School well aligned with our Innovation Areas.
  • Include real business challenges from our Innovation Activities in your Summer School proposal.


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