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  • Karens Grigorjancs Karens Grigorjancs rocks the music scene with startup Plugify Thursday, September 8 2016 Plugify is going to transform the live music booking industry completely just like Uber disrupted the taxi world, or Airbnb the hotel industry. That is what Karens Grigorjancs, co-founder of the startup Plugify and graduate of the EIT Digital Master School, expects to happen within a year. Other booking agencies will be left standing. Last month, he started a crowdfunding campaign that has already raised more than €573,000. It all started with an idea that came to Eline Leijten, former singer of the Hermes House Band. She noticed that it was pretty hard to book a music artist, an ensemble, a DJ or a band. So she thought that there should be a platform where wedding planners, pub owners, event managers or people who want to enchant their party with chamber music could easily book artists.


    Having an idea does not make you a startup yet. So she set out looking for someone ...
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