Lighting can help to attract shoppers to certain areas in grocery stores. The ALIGRE project provides new, more advanced retail lighting solutions, using light zoning and semantic lighting. The benefits are supported by real-life test installations and accompanying user study in an operational grocery store.


CHOOSE is a mobile coaching application which consists of several behavioral change modules to help people to daily manage their blood pressure and develop a healthier lifestyle. CHOOSE guides users to reduce their salt intake, manage their alcohol consumption, adhere to the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet and sleep better. The user is then coached through automated conversations or via coaching messages that provide information and motivation to reach the goals that he/she set. The conversations and messages sent are customized to the user, and progress is also shown.


EVA is an EIT Digital Innovation activity from the Action Line Digital Industry. The 2016 EIT Digital activity 'EVA service company (Electric Vehicle Aggregator)' has brought about the CWI spin-off company SEITA energy flexibility B.V., and a toolset for it to advise on the impact on electric vehicles on the business of energy retailers. We showcase the project's ambitions and demonstrate one of the tools aimed at risk assessment for retailers in electricity imbalance markets.


This will be the Dutch pilot of the FIDES project. Within this project, an international identity management system has been developed, connecting to STORK and various other identity providers. In the Dutch pilot, we show how this system can be used for identifying transporters, and delivering parcels into cars. Using advanced secure software from Ubiqu, we are able to deliver parcels into cars, without the owner of the car being present, opening up various business opportunities.


Fit to Perform is an EIT Digital innovation activity from the Action Line Digital Wellbeing. Fit to Perform is combining vehicle telematics and wearable technology in order to provide feedback on professional drivers’ fitness. It enables fleet managers to make better decisions on workload, route planning and employee wellbeing. Fit to Perform is a solution to monitor a driver’s overall wellbeing. The essential component of this solution is a smartwatch with state-of-the-art sensors that registers the physiological signals of the driver via advanced algorithms and selected fitness indicators.


GameBus provides a configurable App to turn currently perceived duties regarding cognitive, physical and social activities into an enjoyable gaming experience. The key idea is to let people play the different games they enjoy truly as an individual in such a way that they are part of an integrated social interaction. Among others, elderly are able to play their favorite brain training game while joining forces with their younger peers that go out for a physical activity and those who want to score points for adhering to dietary constraints. Visit our stand to join a mini-challenge and win!

Industrie 4.0

The project aims at industry 4.0 solutions that, through IoT sensors, algorithms, analytics, and visualization will provide relevant information to optimize the workflow. The demonstrator focuses on a productivity dashboard for a high-volume printer. The dashboard is aimed at the print floor manager and shows all kind of valuable KPI’s regarding the productivity of the printer in the printing plant. To assist the print floor manager with interpreting the information shown on the dashboard, alerts are shown if the situation of the printer differs from the normal course of events. These abnormal situations are automatically spotted by an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm.


PRimary PRevention of cardiovascular diseases including early prediction of Atrial Fibrillation (PRAF) is an activity of the Innovation Action Line Digital Wellbeing. Atrial Fibrillation (AF) is a most common abnormal heart rhythm problem. However, there are no market-accepted methods for self-managed detection and monitoring of AF. The PRAF activity is further developing an existing and proven professional method for the detection and monitoring of atrial fibrillation to the end-users with a 92.7% precision.

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