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From smart cities to smart citizens

Urban Life and Mobility deals with Smart Cities ...

... But there will be no Smart Cities if there are no Smart Citizens. Emergence of new behaviours - the way people move, work, entertain, socialize - will be at the origin of new upcoming business models. When I say "people" it is not a generic term. It is you, it is me, it is all of us.

It is not just a matter of technology, but primarily a matter of people.

With the use of smartphones and mobile applications, ubiquity is now a reality and instantaneity is a strong daily expectation.

"Blended Life in a Connected World", the EIT Digital tagline, is particularly true when talking about Urban Life and Mobility.

More and more, we become both services consumers and services producers. With social networking, crowdsourcing, live information, we have the chance to turn from passive and consumer-minded individuals to active, collaborative and sharing-oriented citizens.

Enabling a sustainable mobility, improving urban information management, preserving privacy and addressing trust issues, these are the main Urban Life and Mobility Action Line challenges.

In this context, ICT technologies will create opportunities for innovative businesses and will leverage mass deployment of societal innovations, resulting in value creation and renewed city governance.

Gilles Betis
Action Line Leader Urban Life and Mobility

As an engineer in Thales, during more than 20 years, Gilles has been involved in the design of complex systems (e.g. e-ticketing, road tolling, passengers information). Through his holistic and systemic approach, he always linked up emerging behaviours and societal needs to innovative technological solutions.



Each year in summer, a 2-week course dedicated to Urban Life and Mobility is organised by EIT Digital as part of a Master Programme to develop students skills in both ICT and entrepreneurship thru Europe.

During this course, EIT Digital invites speakers and entrepreneurs to share their experience of Urban Life and Mobility to the students. These classes are complemented with business cases to be challenged and developed in small work groups.

Urban Life and Mobility summer school 2014 in Sophia Antipolis

Urban Life & Mobility - Summer School 2014

Accelerate start-ups

Entrepreneurs engaged into innovative Urban Life and Mobility solutions receive coaching and mentoring from EIT Digital business developers on how to bring ideas to market, access to finance and support in business and consumer development.

In 2014, Idea Challenge, a European-wide contest, was launched so as to spot high potential innovators. Urban Life and Mobility is one of the innovation areas to which start-ups most apply, showing the interest and the potential of this topic.

Winners of the Urban Life and Mobility EIT Digital Challenge start-ups contest in 2014

1st Prize
Luca Sina and Pietro Pirino (Italy) with Guide Me Right

2nd Prize
Thibault Chary (France) with Yespark

3rd Prize
Xavier Lecomte (France) with Instant System

Winners of the Urban Life and Mobility EIT Digital Challenge start-ups contest in 2015

1st Prize
Karos (France) offer a car-pooling service that allows you to commute every day in comfortable, affordable, and ecological way: Karos

2nd Prize
ADDACT offers a platform that puts fans in charge of where music concerts take place and helps organisers maximise ticket sales and reduce their risks: ADDACT

3rd Prize
ZonzoFox is a personal navigation tool that helps visitors discover cities, suggesting interesting places to visit. It uses technology to replicate the great advice you would get if you had a local friend in a particular city: ZonzoFox


Research based innovation

3cixty is an initiative conjointly developed by EIT Digital and its partners from Germany, Italy, and France, among which Telecom Italia, Thales, Centro Ricerche FIAT, DFKI, Inria, Eurecom, Cefriel and Fondazione Politecnico di Milano.

3cixty stands out because of its capability to seamlessly integrate city data in everyday life. Services enable people to instantaneously access rich and combined information about a city from wherever they are, as it had never been possible before.

3cixty experience will be kicked off live during Expo Milano 2015. For example, it will be possible to find a good café to get to by public transportation from the hotel we stay in before the opening of the Greek pavilion.


Gilles Betis - Action Line Leader

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