Health and Wellbeing

Prevention through the quantified self

Sustain a healthy lifestyle in Ambient Assisted Living and Active Healthy Ageing.

With an ageing population and growing consumer empowerment, the call for a user-centric approach towards Health and Wellbeing is imperative. This user centric approach has to be enabled by innovative and entrepreneurial ICT.
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure …

The ambition is to reduce the demand for expensive healthcare by detecting small physical and cognitive health issues early and avoiding larger health problems by suitable lifestyle interventions. EIT Digital's Action Line Health and Wellbeing strives to act on this ambition by offering ICT-based solutions that respond to the consumer demand for self-monitoring: the 'quantified-self'.

Supporting people with ICT based solutions can improve the quality of life giving people the chance to live uncompromised, comfortable, safe, and active. This includes independent living and avoiding social exclusion at an advanced age. The primary prevention areas have our full attention where regulation barriers are less strict.

Collaboration of Education, Research, Business

Achieving the overall goals of the action line requires close collaboration in the knowledge triangle of Education, Research and Business. It is essential to collaborate and to involve Health and Wellbeing providers in this knowledge triangle of cooperation. Partners that work together in the action line therefore come from Industry, Resarch and Business.

One of the activities where close collaboration and cross-overs in the knowledge triangle take place, are the High Impact Initiatives and the summer schools.

Health and Wellbeing Summer School 2015

Health and Wellbeing Summer School 2015

Focal Areas and Activities

The focal areas of innovation activities are Cognitive Wellbeing, Physical Wellbeing and Social Wellbeing.  

Cognitive Wellbeing: Enabling people to create optimum balance in life to deal with the challenges of every-day life.
Physical Wellbeing: Healthy consumption and physical activity. Supporting people in promoting their health by improving what, when and how they eat and drink.
Social Wellbeing
: Encouraginging interaction with other individuals or health professionals to induce a healthier lifestyle. 

The main drive is to achieve a breakthrough in the fragmented Ambient Assisted Living for the Active Healthy Ageing market by dealing with the technical, legal, cultural, international and other barriers including the mobilisation, strengthening and integration of local Health and Wellbeing business communities. 

>> Watch the after movie of the Health Tech Event 2015.

Activities 2016

> Gamebus: a playful platform that offers social health games encouraging families to stay active, socially, mentally and physically in a personalised gaming experience.

> Better nights, fresh days: an ICT solution to prevent sleep deprivation of young parents by monitoring baby's sleeping patterns and based on this give recommendations.

> Fit to Perform : the High Impact Initiative that will run till 2016/2017. It will create an ICT solution to make professional driving a healthier and safer occupation by means of a product service combination building on sleep and stress measurement in combination with truck and environment data.

> PRimary PRevention of cardiovascular diseases including early prediction of Atrial Fibrillation (PRAF): an existing and proven professional method for the detection and monitoring of atrial fibrillation to the end-users with a 92.7% precision.

> CoacHing and cOntinuous blood pressure sEnsing (CHOOSE): an unobtrusive device that will be developed to a tool for contiguous validated blood pressure management and coaching to enhance a healthy lifestyle behaviour.

> Prindit Wellbeing: A cloud based service to boost your team performance.
> Summer School Health and Wellbeing 2016: Two Summer Schools Health and Wellbeing will take place: one in the Co-location Centre at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and one in London, UK.

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Improving the quality of life with ICT based solutions

EIT Digital has drawn up Strategic Innovation Agenda (SIA) that matches the short-term and long-term goals with the (emerging) technology solutions. The SIA roadmap provides consensus on societal needs along with the technologies required and a mechanism to help forecast the technology trends and developments.


"The challenge is to accomplish people to live uncompromised, safe and active lives through to an advanced age. Enabling active healthy ageing and independent living while at the same time avoiding social exclusion."

Jean Gelissen
Action Line Leader

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