European Trusted Cloud core activity offerings in 2016


European Trusted Cloud High Impact Initiative provides European trusted cloud solutions and services to gain greater control over sensitive and personal data. This activity is a European solution to store digital data and contents, so that consumers and businesses in Europe do not have to worry on where and by whom their valuable digital age assets are handled. Customers can define who will see data and how it is managed. Their data is secured by leading European experts in industry. By participating in the Trusted Cloud ecosystem organisations find new business opportunities in secure and private services.

The final outcome will be a continuously expanding ecosystem of partners, who are providing new secure and EU privacy legislation compliant services to their customers and global markets.

The activity is run from three EIT Digital countries, UK, Italy and Finland.

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Partner’s offer


F-Secure has a long history as a security company. Traditional security products have been device and network centric, securing computer networks, servers and workstations. During the past decade many of the security features used by these products have moved to cloud to make the endpoint security solutions lighter and quicker to respond continuously evolving threat landscape. Today majority of the F-Secure products are powered by cloud services.

F-Secure is creating technical solution for 3rd parties to leverage the same malware expertise that F-Secure products are using today. The main focus is on service provides that are providing their solution from the cloud. Goal is to enable them to integrate security as an essential part of their service offering and securing the whole ecosystem instead of doing only final defence on device and corporate networks.

There are several means for 3rd party ISV’s to ensure the malware free systems:

  • Scanning of URL’s from applications via sending a URL hash to remote service via API
  • Scanning of files from applications via sending a file hash to remote service via API
  • Scanning of files from applications/services by sending the actual file via F-Secure API’ s to be scanned for viruses.
  • Scanning of files inside customer premises with scanning engine service provided by F-Secure and running in customer virtualised environments.
  • Target customers for the services are:
  • SME’s: either B2B2B model or B2B2C model

Corporations: B2B, customer being the CIO of the big company.

BT - Trusted Cloud Service Store Platform

In this project BT is offering for collaboration its Cloud-based security solutions that empower Cloud consumers to protect their systems, applications and data, on multiple different Cloud providers, whilst also improving the control and visibility of their Cloud security operations. The security capabilities are offered as re-usable, or ‘extension’ services across multiple Cloud platforms through a Cloud service store where they can be applied with a consistent level of control across platforms, data and applications. The platform supports the integration of commercial security offerings with multiple Cloud-based hosts and applications along with enhanced multi-cloud security policy management. The novelty of this service centres around offering security as a value-added service (multi-tenant security SaaS) while enforcement is delivered via the cloud infrastructure. It enables an ecosystem of secure Cloud applications and services. The security services of particular interest in this project are:

1) Host and application protection – this protects virtual servers and hosted applications on cloud infrastructures against malware, intrusions, data leaks and cyber-attacks.. This incorporates security management innovations enabling the automatic inclusion of security controls into the deployment and management of applications and data on internal and public clouds.

2) Data Protection as a Service - this provides data protection for public and private clouds and other virtualization platforms. It allows cloud users to protect and control their information with a user-friendly, encryption service that keeps their data private, and helps meet their regulatory compliance requirements. It uses identity and integrity-based policy enforcement to ensure only authorized virtual machines receive keys and access secure volumes, and it can specify location and time constraints on access to the encrypted data.

3) Identity as a Service – this is a capability to manage users, and provide high quality authentication and authorisation protection with a configurable security policy for user access management. Identity as a Service provided as a subscription allows user management, affordable protection, evolution and scalability. This approach is well adapted to cloud based solutions deployed on top of IaaS provided by CSPs, but, it can also be deployed for private clouds, or hybrid solutions.

The multi-cloud service store platform and the security service offerings enables partners and SMEs to securely deploy, host and manage their applications and data on BT’s Cloud Compute Infrastructure, other public clouds, private clouds and hybrids. We are developing this further to provide the security, scalability and credibility SMEs seek, whilst enhancing the trusted cloud ecosystem.


Telecom Italia (TI) developed and distributed for piloting uses a novel Trusted Personal Data Management platform called “My Data Store” which provides a secure, cloud-based digital space owned by the user acting as repository for their personal information, and allowing the fully controlled exploitation of the data into added-value services. The goal is to provide consumers and businesses better tools and services to take greater control over the use of sensitive and personal data, at the same time enabling and stimulating the business growth with the design and commercialization of trusted innovative services

My Data Store is a Personal Data Store platform (PDS) providing tools for the management/exploitation tools of heterogeneous Personal Data, about one specific individual. Examples of such data included in My Data Store are:

  • Data collected sensors in mobility on the personal devices such as smartphones or tablets (e.g. locations by GPS sensors, social interactions by calls or traditional, movements/activity patterns detected by the accelerometer, proximity records via Bluetooth);
  • Data generated or collected by generic mobile apps (e.g. games, instant messaging applications, ad-hoc applications such as personal expenses manager);
  • Data collected from connected devices, such as sensors connected to the smartphone (e.g. environmental sensors, wearable sensors, etc.);
  • Data gathered from online services (e.g. content publically published by the individual on social networks, such as twits or others)
  • Data gathered from organizations in relation with their customers/users to whom they offer services (e.g. network operators, service/utility providers, physical or online retailers, etc.).

In particular the My Data Store architecture supports developers in building trusted and transparent apps compliant with a user-centric personal data management model, where the personal data collected from the My Data Store subscribers are the enablers of an ecosystem of certified (trusted) applications exploiting the PDS capabilities of My Data Store by mean of a set of provided APIs. The APIs provide a flexible mean for collecting/accessing the users’ personal data in a compliant way with their disclosure preference (based on the data type, the periods, the quantity, the anonymization/ aggregation level, the application/services, requiring the information). They enable developers to an easily and flexibly integrated or access data sources from My Data Store, under the direct control of the user. This allows the developer to be exempt from privacy-management and storage/security issues. Moreover the security of the data is granted by the lower cloud services layer on which My Data Store has been built and enhanced, thanks also to the contributes of the HII partners and activities.

Target customers are SMEs interested in building value-added data-driven services for the consumer, or interested in the My Data Store features to build their own trusted applications. In particular we are also interested in exploring the B2B2C model where the SME supports the business partners in bringing into value for the Consumer the data provided by a Business third party, via the potentials of My Data Store and the possible enrichment of the other included data sources.


Communication Valley Reply is the Reply group company specialized in managed security services. Its ISO27001-certified SOC is staffed 24/7, 365 days a year, providing security monitoring, business-continuity and fraud-prevention services to large and medium sized companies. Communication Valley Reply is now a leading provider of managed security services, delivering them through its own Security Operation Centre (SOC), a specialist physical and logical facility for remote management of IT security and communications. The centre acts as a “control tower” and is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by a security team of analysts, systems experts and testers specialising in real-time monitoring, security device management and security assessment.

Most of the cloud security offering currently on market focus on prevention. In our vision, detection and management of security threats are critical to address and overcome the security concerns associated with the cloud as they can be the key enablers for a wider adoption of the cloud in Europe. We think that data will continue to grow, so any protective solutions need to be flexible and scalable.

Our Cloud security service, based on the Elastic Gatherer is able to identifies malicious activity from many different sources with the scalability offered by the Cloud provider.

The customer Cloud ecosystem is constantly monitored by our security experts using the power of the Security Incident and Event Correlation system. Data sent from the Elastic Gatherer to the SIEM are aggregates events and logs from virtually any device regardless of vendor. Our specialists use a combination of manual and automated techniques to continuously monitor and analyze security events and logs, 24 hours a day.

Using our Cloud monitoring solution we can protect any volume and diversity of data.

Our goal is to protect customers from the latest Zero-Day threats.

The solution provides: Cloud Privilege Monitoring, Intrusion monitoring, Malware detection, Anti-Dos


Bittium offers the gateway and wearable devices where the gateway is industrial grade device (i.e. temperature and long lifecycle) and wearable devices are either the Bittium Smart Watch device equipped with full Android OS or RTOS smart watches with reduced functionality.

Bittium also offers the Safemove product portfolio that shall be available integrated in to the gateway or separately.

Bittium Industrial IoT Gateway can be used in industrial applications, healthcare applications, retail applications and commercial applications where both connectivity and capability is required. The Industrial IoT Gateway does not yet have a web page available, but the main content of the gateway is presented in the Bittium kick-off presentation.

Bittium Android Smart Watch can also be used in all the above segments and together with the gateway or separately.

Bittium RTOS smartwatch portfolio is for the wearable markets where less UX specific solution is suitable for customer needs.

2015 Success stories

3D Repo

“As a 3D Repo start-up, we have actively engaged with consortium partners, most notably VTT, Digital Catapult and British Telecom as well as a number of fellow start-ups. They all provided invaluable advice, support and technical expertise as well as business acumen. What is more, as a direct result of the project, we have now started offering secure cloud solutions using the Trusted Cloud infrastructure to our commercial clients in the construction industry.” Dr Jozef Dobos, 3D Repo


“The Trusted Cloud HII gave us the opportunity to do a lot of networking, learn by working with bigger companies and have access to funding. We started by working with Telecom Italia and were able to exploit our collaboration for marketing purpose. This gave us the possibility to approach easier some of the leading VCs. By meeting the BT team, we were able to discover synergies and to apply to a H2020 project on Cyber Security topic. The successful result of the application will change definitely the future of our startup. We were able also to interact with other SMEs and big partners and discover other potentials for collaboration.

In addition, we had the chance to attend 3-4 very interesting meetings and to meet other potential customers, collaborators and investors.” Jovan Stevovic,


What does the HII Trusted Cloud Open Call have to offer?

HII Trusted Cloud Open Call offers funding opportunities for the selected proposals, as well as in-kind support from the partners in the form of coaching, technology access and knowledge transfer.

How can the HII Trusted Cloud help in preparing my proposal?

HII Trusted Cloud can provide general advice on structure and content for a proposal, based on information required in the application template. It can also advise on the eligibility of applicant organisations, within the rules of the project. HII Trusted Cloud webinars are also planned in March aiming to give more technical insight to the platforms involved.

Is there a limit on the number of partners per proposal?

Proposals made by a single applicant are encouraged and will not be penalised on the grounds of not having formed a consortium. As with most Open Calls it is fine to have more than one applicant listed in the proposal, as there is no formal limit. However, it is strongly advised that the number of partners is kept to a minimum.

How many proposals can an SME submit?

There is no formal limit to the number of proposals an SME can submit. For SMEs with submitting proposals they need to keep in mind that only one proposal can be funded.

Do we need to work at an EIT Digital node?

Applications from across the EIT Digital countries are welcome. SMEs can benefit from working in their local EIT Digital node and face-to-face interactions with the coaching partners can take place at the Helsinki, London and Trento nodes.

SME open call webinars

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14th March (1:00pm-4:00pm) : Play recording (1 hr)

21st March (1:00pm-4:00pm): Play recording (1 hr 15 min)


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