Future Cloud

A Secure Data and Service Infrastructure for Europe

A Secure Data and Service Infrastructure for Europe

Cloud-based business is becoming the backbone of the European economy and society. Many services are based on the Cloud and several businesses and critical infrastructures are becoming increasingly dependent on it.

Overall, the speed of change in Cloud technologies and services continues to be impressive and the main transformation is driven by the Trusted Cloud and Big Data integration as visible in the Future Cloud high impact initiative: Trusted Cloud

Focus areas

  • Cloud and intelligent big data management, visualization and exploitation
  • Distributed real-time cloud services
  • Quality of service, services brokering and delivery within distributed heterogeneous clouds
  • New cloud service ecosystems

Business Community

The Future Cloud Business Community is a market place that promotes the EIT Digital’s Innovation activities and coached start-ups to potential buyers of innovation. The Future Cloud Business Community represents a selected match of startups that are coached by the EIT Digital Business Development Accelerator next to the activities of the Future Cloud Innovation Action Line. The focus of the Business Community is market-ready Data Analytics and Trusted Cloud innovations.

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Innovation Activities 2016

Future Cloud action line innovation activities are focused on delivering secure data and service infrastructure for Europe. The activities are organized around two main priorities, implemented through innovation projects and the High Impact Initiative “Trusted Data Management with Service Ecosystem”: 1) Trusted Cloud infrastructure and services, with one regular project and the High Impact Initiative; 2) Cloud and Big Data Analytics, with two projects.

Trusted Data Management with Service Ecosystem

Most of us use cloud-based IT-services. Can we trust that our personal data is stored in a safe place? Can we trust that our data is not used by a third party or without our knowing it?

European Trusted Cloud High Impact initiative is an activity to provide European solutions for customers (companies, consumers) who are concerned  about their privacy, how their data is handled and how their behaviors are tracked. HII will deliver a business platform of multitude of element providing trust: securing data and content from malicious entries and views, protecting from hackers and data leaks and giving customer full control on their data and content. At the same time this protected data is enabling and stimulating the business growth – companies within the trusted service eco-system, accelerated by the HII, are developing innovative and trusted products and services which can be tailored to and personalized for the specific needs of the individuals and businesses.

By participating in the Trusted Cloud ecosystem organizations find new business opportunities in providing secure and private services, compliant with new European Privacy Regulation.

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Markku Kutvonen, F-Secure

Sense making Service: Entity Linking for Big Linked Data

A Sensemaking service capable of extracting concepts from large scale unstructured texts and linking them to entries in existing multilingual knowledge bases.

Customers of web-intelligence (WI) service providers need sensemaking tools to ensure that the central, most salient, actionable, and most topical concepts can be extracted from a (live) stream of human language and brought to the attention of the relevant users. Furthermore, the extracted concepts must match the perspective of the end user and the information architecture of the stakeholder organisation.The lack of such tools prevent WI service customers to properly analyse and mine their data, have a timely respond to changes in market needs, account for customer opinions; while WI service providers are lacking a potential tool that could unlock the aforementioned options for the users and thus help even more firmly establish European WI companies in the current market ecosystem. In this project we will use novel graph analytic techniques developed at the academic partners to create the required sensemaking tools and commercialise them through our partner company Gavagai by delivering them to its customers by the end of 2016.

Activity partners

KTH - www.kth.se

SICS - www.sics.se

University of Trento - www.unitn.it

Gavagai - www.gavagai.se

EIT Digital locations

Stockholm, Trento


Sarunas Girdzijauskas, KTH

Multi-Cloud Data Analytics as a Service (MCloudDaaS)

The objective of the activity is to extend benefits of Big Data Analytics to Multi-Cloud environments offering innovative functionalities with regards to security, scalability and fault-tolerance.

It is known that cloud computing is an enabler for advanced analytics with big data. However, exploitation of big data technologies in Cloud is not easy for many companies, especially SMEs, which struggle to find a convenient and affordable approach to exploit these in their own business benefit. In addition to this, concerns like lack of security and mistrust against cloud services slow down the adoption of these technologies, having significant impact on the European big data cloud business potential and adoption of products and services.

Often customers do not have a clear picture of implications of applying big data solutions in a cloud environment, the expected demands to fulfil, and the inherent complexities derived from the installation, configuration and customisation of big data solutions to their particular business case. Provisioning of computational resources for big data applications is restricted to a reduced set of cloud providers, which are often not interoperable. This adds more complexity to the overall big data exploitation in business, since essential elements to do the actual job are not combined naturally to create a hybrid cloud system capable of executing across diverse clouds and create vendor lock-in to a particular cloud solution. Big data service and technology providers customize Big Data solutions to each particular business case. As a result, a growing complexity in the management of underlying infrastructure quickly arises, as providers face big data workflows with radically different behavioural and scalability patterns. This leads to not optimal utilization of computational resources, incurring into additional costs due to over-provisioning or drive to unpredictable performance of solutions.

MCloudDaaS tackles specifically these issues by enhancing Hadoop-based Data Analytics frameworks and offering:

  • support for Big Data Analytics Service execution over public/private infrastructures
  • enhanced security features based on multi-cloud data access, secure sharing, encryption and visualization
  • and automated scalability and fault tolerance based on Data Analytics jobs execution parameters

MCloudDaaS is a flexible, secure and on-demand hybrid cloud platform for big data analytics offers that offers to customers the following advantages:

  • Avoid ‘vendor lock-in’ to particular Cloud offering
  • Increased trust and security
  • Enhanced manageability, scalability and predictable performance as well as CAPEX reduction avoiding need to overprovision

At the end of the project the solution will be ready for the market, having two demonstrative experiments running at Atos and BT. Atos brings a business case based on Data Analytics as a Service provided in its offering to validate it in a multi-cloud environment; and BT will enhance its Visual Analytics product, SATURN, to validate project technology in a hybrid cloud. The multi-cloud platform and some data analytics components will be released under open source for the market. Services around the platform will be provided by partners for revenue.

Activity partners

Atos - www.atos.net

British Telecom - home.bt.com

Consiglio Nazionale delle Richerche - www.cnr.it

Technical University of Berlin - www.tu-berlin.de

EIT Digital locations

Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom


Clara Pezuela, Atos

Trusted Data Safe Havens for Healthcare

We aim to provide a framework (technical integrations, contacts network, business process) by which appropriately consented health data can be accessed and shared across jurisdictions for research purposes with accountability to the governance of regional.

Much of the value from trusted cloud computing is derived, not from selling general architectures, but from applying these architectures and systems to high-growth, high-impact areas. Healthcare systems and the search for new medical insights and therapies, provide a massive potential market for data analytics. Industry has produced a wide variety of tools capable of enriching and analyzing medical data but have little means of access to actual data sets representative of substantial human populations, so their sophisticated systems are of limited value in healthcare. Meanwhile, there is great activity in European regions to develop carefully managed, large repositories of medical data derived from regional healthcare authorities, governed according to the practices of local jurisdictions and compliant with privacy and data protection regulations. These safe havens are primarily public sector and come into limited contact with industry tools and methods. This gulf prevents the development of strong industry engagement to derive value from safe haven data. The solution to this problem is not simply to move healthcare data to a trusted cloud architecture; there needs to be a framework for engagement between havens and industry, combined with automated methods for the necessary transfer of data and provision of services. That framework must respect the governance rules of local and national data jurisdictions.

Activity partners

British Telecom - home.bt.com

Engineering - www.eng.it

Reply - www.reply.eu

University of Edinburgh - www.ed.ac.uk

University of Trento - www.unitn.it

EIT Digital locations

London, Trento


Elizabeth Elliot, University of Edinburgh

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