EIT Digital Accelerator

At EIT Digital, Business is pervasive. To this end, the Business Development Accelerator (BDA) coaches the Innovation funnel with a focus on access to market. This means that the team is fully committed to bringing the Action Line innovations that we invest in to the market - be it innovation activities or early scaleups.

Business Communities are major vehicles for the BDA to meet its objectives. Each Innovation Action Line has a business community driving the Action Line funnel towards any interested customer.

If you are an early scaleup and would like to apply to our BDA, send an email to: bda@eitdigital.comeu or contact a business developer close to you. Please provide a high-level summary of your early scaleup and make sure to specify your relevant Action Line.

Check out some of the early scaleups coached by the BDA

Dolf Wittkämper

Co-location Centre: Eindhoven


Dolf is managing the EIT Digital's Business Development Accelerator (BDA) and increasing the organisation’s overall impact, innovation and entrepreneurial strength.

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