Our Entrepreneurial Education Strategy

To take up the grand societal challenges of our time and to feed the needs of tomorrow’s industry, Europe needs a new generation of professionals with both excellent digital technologies knowledge but also with the capability to transform ideas into products and services.

Our Entrepreneurial Education ambition is twofold:

  • Educate a new generation of thought leaders, innovators and knowledge workers in digital technologies, by providing excellent technical programs with deeply embedded innovation and entrepreneurship education.

  • Build a strong entrepreneurial education brand via a disruptive and systemic change to European higher education that will attract top talents to Europe.

EIT Digital adopts a Blended Education approach where students develop cutting-edge digital technologies knowledge merged with innovation and entrepreneurship skills. The settings can be physical or virtual classrooms, or combinations of both. Our Master School breeds a new generation of European entrepreneurs, our Doctoral School delivers tomorrow’s leaders in digital technologies, and our Professional School keeps European professionals at the frontier of digital innovation.

Blended Education

The education programmes feature a strong European dimension with geographical mobility and frequent teambuilding activities, and are enriched through interaction with research and business activities, made available to students through national Co-location Centres.

The education programmes are executed, as joint European efforts, by highly ranked European technical universities. The educational programmes provide accredited degrees (single, double or joint) together with a EIT labeled certificate.

Alumni Foundation

The Alumni Foundation creates a vibrant, active and successful EIT Digital alumni network. The foundation organises meet-ups, maintains an active community and discussion forum, keeps track of alumni careers and supports students and alumni to get in contact with companies, public institutions and academia. The Alumni Foundation also aims at providing guidance and mentoring for students and alumni.

For more information visit the EIT Digital Alumni website.

Education Action Lines

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