Urban Life and Mobility

From Smart Cities to Smart Citizens

Date and location

July 11-22, 2016


Urban Life and Mobility deals with Smart Cities... but there will be no Smart Cities if there are no Smart Citizens. Emergence of new behaviours - the way people move, work, entertain, socialize - will be at the origin of new upcoming business models. With the use of smartphones and mobile applications, ubiquity is now a reality and instantaneity is a strong daily expectation. More and more, we become both services consumers and services producers. With social networking, crowdsourcing, live information, we have the chance to turn from passive and consumer-minded individuals to active, collaborative and sharing-oriented citizens.

The summer school will address keys issues for smart cities including mobility, citizens and governance collaboration, city planning, urban data economy. Next to technologies used to solve these needs, the summer school will address associated societal issues, including collaborative behaviours, new mobility usages, citizen empowerment and governance, urban planning, building trust in ICTs, rewards and incentives, cities resilience, inclusion, evolution of collective representation of urban environment. A special emphasis will be put on the way these issues will impact on behavioural transition in urban way of living, and then will trigger adoption of new services and new technologies.

From a methodological point of view, special courses will cover innovation and prospective. Innovation cannot be reduced to technical R&D and brainstorming and has to result from an iterative process, based on a shared acquisition of knowledge, leading to new concepts that are collaboratively refined. Rather than questioning oracles, prospective has to be understood as the way the future can be imagined and formalized through possible scenarios, in order to steer technological and service development efforts, in the most promising way. Business modelling and entrepreneurship training will complete the course, and will allow students to work in small groups on selected use case, under the supervision of a dedicated coach.

Intermediate and final pitches in front of the assembly will allow a concrete training in presenting and promoting efficiently business projects. International famous key players in technologies, methodologies, business and societal issues will do courses, guest lectures and coaching. They originate from the academic or the industrial world, but also from mobility and urban services key players, as well as succeeding start-ups. One industrial visit will be organized during the course.

Organizer: Gilles Betis, CLC-Paris.

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