Smart Spaces

Retail innovations in an omnichannel world and service innovations in smart building

Date and location

August 8-19, 2016


The Smart Spaces Summer School aims to bring students for two weeks together to work in groups on business development process and business cases for Smart Spaces. The Summer School takes place In Helsinki CLC at the Open Innovation House in Espoo. The theme of the school is “Retail innovations in an omnichannel world and service innovations in smart building”. In smart retail we will address the service innovations inspired by technologies like customer profiling, indoor navigation and large screen interfaces or augmented reality. The services are deployable in omnichannel retail, where e-commerce and physical commerce are blended together. In smart buildings, we will explore indoor monitoring solutions and also indoor navigation technologies. The new solutions may target e.g. efficient use of infrastructure and increase of productivity.

The school will include a number of lectures and workshops on business trends, consumer behavior trends and recent new innovations in the retail area as well as smart buildings. In addition, entrepreneurial capabilities are enhanced and trained through master classes on specific business aspects as market research, venturing, etc. Through the two weeks students will work in teams of five students on projects. The business cases are provided by SMEs and start-ups in the business, and also by large companies.

The Summer School program consists of focus-lectures of academics and practitioners, project work, customer interviews, site visits to companies, and socializing events. During the two weeks, students are confronted (i.e. meet in person) with involved stakeholders such as companies, researchers, business people, start ups, customers, etc.

The theme related lectures, keynotes and visits will be interleaved with project work. The project work will start already during the first week, and subjects will be given by start-ups and companies. The students are also asked to complete on-line pre-work on basic business modelling methods and tools in order to be able to start the project work early on during the school. The students groups will be guided by coaches that will instruct them in the business development work. The program concludes with a pitching session by the student groups on their business cases in front of a business panel.

During the weekend, we will take a tour in Helsinki to some cultural and outdoor activities.

You can check program and information about the 2015 Smart Spaces Summer School at with also daily comments from the student teams.

Organisers: Petri Liuha, Olli-Pekka Mutanen, CLC Helsinki

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