Smart Energy Systems

Developing Next Generation Business Models in the Smart Energy Field

Date and location

July 25 - August 5, 2016


The goal of the Summer School 2016 is to create business ideas in the area of Smart Energy Systems and to develop them to a concrete business model which improves the efficiency of tomorrow’s energy supply or usage. In order to fight climate change there must be a change from burning fossil energy resource to continuous increase the share of renewables. By changing the structure of energy production a decentralization of power generation can be observed. More and more private households start producing their own renewable energy e.g. through photovoltaics. They develop from pure energy consumers to prosumers who produce their own energy or sell it to the market. These circumstances require a close integration of different market players as well as flexibility options. Next generation business models have the potential to deliver innovative ways and solutions to connect new methods and technologies with existing services and support an efficient and sustainable energy system.

Every business idea has some starting point. It may emerge from market pull or technology push or redefinition of established value chains. There are idea generation techniques which helps you to identify such opportunities. During our Summer School you will learn and practice the design thinking approach.

Based on the thematic focus (the design challenge), the Summer School will start with a solid understanding of the interdisciplinary broader fields of the energy transition and aims to discover business opportunities of tomorrow. Participants will simulate the process of creating and developing their own business ideas, evaluate them and define products and services, as well as their business model and unique value proposition. A particular emphasis will be on the practical application of the business model generation.

Organisers: Orestis Terzidis, Alexander Tittel, Abilio Avila

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