Privacy, Security and Trust

Security and Privacy in Digital Life - 2016

Security and Privacy in Digital Life - 2016

Date and location

June 26 - July 8, 2016

Organizing Committee: Jovan Golic, Massimo Donelli and Gert Guri

The theme of the summer school is "Security and Privacy in Digital Life (SPDL)" with the following main objectives:

  • to demonstrate the importance of data security and privacy for ICT applications in everyday life and work;
  • to point out the market needs and business opportunities in the area;
  • to teach the students how to transform the gained knowledge into innovative business ideas and turn these ideas into concrete business proposals; and
  • to coach students on how to present their pitches to investment companies.

The summer school is organized by the Action Line for Privacy, Security & Trust of the EIT Digital (PST Action Line).

Drawing upon the best practices of summer schools 2014-15, the programme of the first week will predominantly consist of technical frontal lectures held by the top experts with worldwide reputation from academic world and industry, including partners of EIT Digital. It will start with the presentation of four use cases including secure and privacy-aware: e-ID provisioning & e-authentication (EID), e-health (EH), e-commerce (EC), and mobile devices & systems (MOB).

The topics will include an introduction to cryptography explaining the main concepts and cryptographic techniques for data integrity, data confidentiality, and entity authentication, privacy and security challenges in cyberspace, legal and ethical aspects, and then, most importantly, various advanced yet practical cryptographic techniques enabling trustworthy business applications of security and privacy, which can help bridge the existing gaps between theory and practice and open new business opportunities.

The techniques will include secret sharing, threshold cryptography, homomorphic encryption, secure multiparty computation, anonymous credentials, anonymous cash, behavioural biometrics, attribute-based encryption, and searchable encryption. The prominent speakers will include Bruce Schneier, Yvo Desmedt, Jan Camenisch, Bart Preneel, and Yehuda Lindell.

Social events will include visits to Security Operations Centre of Communication Valley Reply in Milan and Telecom Italia Lab in Trento, in order for the students to get into practical contact with industry experts and researchers and get a better feeling of practice. Students will be accommodated in a comfortable hotel in the centre of Trento and, during the weekend, will be offered an opportunity to engage in sporting and socializing activities. Keeping up with tradition, opening and closing social events will take place in nice castles around Trento.

A significant part of the programme will be dedicated to team building plus business and pitch coaching. Already in the first week, the students will learn how to interact with one another and how to draft a business project working together in a team. They will be divided in teams (5-6 members each) according to their interests, each team covering one of the four use cases.

Part of the first week and the entire second week will then focus on innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) component. Some short tutorials will be immediately put into practice validating the business idea, drafting the business model, and preparing the pitch presentations. All I&E assignments will be completed through teamwork, under the guidance of experienced business coaches and mentors and technical lecturers. In addition to I&E coaches and mentors, there will be also start-uppers, who will share their own experiences with students. Teams will address both technical realization aspects and market studies/competitor analysis and will explore social and usability aspects of the proposed business projects. Every project shall consist of an ICT product or service related to one of the use cases. Teams will present their project to the evaluation panel, which will select the winning team according to the quality of the proposals and the pitch presentations. As a prize, the winning team will be offered a study visit to one of the EIT Digital Nodes or the associated companies.

On Sunday 25/06/2015, the Summer School will organize a one-day I&E crash-course for all non-EIT Digital students, who will participate in the SPDL, to further improve their knowledge on some I&E concepts and applications, such as: 1) Business Model in Practice on a simulated case; 2) Empathy Map (Customer Development); 3) Customer Problem/Solution hands on exercise; and 4) Simulation of a Validation Learning.

Admission and Costs: The admission for the Summer School is open to everyone interested and is subject to the approval of the organisers. Participation in the Summer School is free for all EIT Digital MS students and students from the EU countries being selected as scholarship holders in the Arise Europe Programme (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Malta). For students belonging to the two above-mentioned categories, EIT Digital will cover the costs of participation and all the programme items, like catering and social events during the summer school. Travel & accommodation costs are also covered for the EIT Digital Master School students and for students from Arise countries.

Admitted external students will pay a symbolic fee (250 Euro) and will organize and pay their own travel & accommodation.

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