Future Networking Solutions

Billions of Things to Connect! Business Opportunities and Implications of Internet of Things

Date and location

August 1-13, 2016


The EIT Digital action line on future networking solutions (FNS) has three focus areas: wireless access, software-defined and virtualized networks, and internet of things. The topic of the summer school is internet of things as context of the other two focus areas: all “things” will be connected through wireless access to software-defined and virtualized networks that provide communication services with security, quality and reliability for cloud- computing resources.

The summer school will train students in analysing the implication that a new technology area might have on society, individuals and businesses and to identify emerging business roles and opportunities. The school will give the students an understanding for how FNS technology areas may impact and enlarge the market and industry for communication systems and services. We help the students to recognize values and opportunities that emanate from the enabling properties of the technology. And most importantly, we want to inspire them to consider technology and business together, and to be curious about future networking solutions. The school will be case and project oriented with introductory and supplementary lectures as well as invited talks; but most time will be spent on group work. We will assign preparatory material to efficiently use the time on site.

To learn more about the summer school, visit the web site for 2015 at http://iot2015stockholm.wordpress.com. The student testimonials may help you to decide if the FNS summer school will suit you.

Contents: Key areas in future networking solutions for internet of things, industry and markets trends, backcasting: from vision back to execution, industry value chains, business analysis and modelling, lean start- up.

Lecturing/Teaching staff: Viktoria Fodor (KTH), Martin Vendel (Stockholm School of Economics / KTH), Manfred Dasselaar (Ericsson Global Services Research), Andy Cars (Lean Ventures), Olle Bergman (Bergmans bokstäver). Business coaches: Henrik Blomgren (KTH), and Tobias Vahlne (EIT Digital).

Organizing team: Viktoria Fodor (KTH), Henrik Abramowicz (Ericsson AB), Martin Vendel (Stockholm School of Economics and KTH), Elisabeth Sahlberg (Stockholm CLC).

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