Cyber-Physical Systems

Cyber-Physical Systems - Summer School 2014
Cyber-Physical Systems - Summer School 2014

Date and location

ECE Paris School of Engineering, closed to Tour Eiffel, Paris
June 27 - July 8, 2016

ECE Paris


A Cyber Physical System (CPS) is the integration of computational, networking and physical processes. CPS therefore make up the very foundation of all smart systems, merging the physical and virtual worlds to bring innovative benefits to almost all key industrial areas of the EU. Excellence in developing CPS is one of the differentiators that set the EU and US apart from the rest of the world, and it is seen as one of the primary enablers for driving job growth. The themes of the CPS summer school are three CPS areas, which are widely assumed to be major revenue drivers in the future Europe - autonomous driving, smart cities and medical devices. The school will focus on the multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills required to operate within these areas.

Participants in the summer school will learn to apply the state of the art and best practices currently available techniques in design, analysis and deployment of CPS. Course seminars, lectures and tutorials will be led by experts from the field. Moreover, business coaching will be provided throughout the summer school.

Targeted participants are Master and PhD students, researchers and engineers of the relevant disciplines.
The first week will focus on embedded systems, networked control systems, internet of things, model-based systems engineering, mechatronics and robotics within the summer school themes. Lectures will be followed by specific tutorials; study-visits to selected enterprises and start-ups; and group work. This will allow students to connect theory with practice, interact with one another, and focus more in-depth on a selected theme.

A social event will be organized in the middle of the school for networking and the possibility to sample a bit of the vibrant city.

The second week will focus on drafting a business plan and preparing pitch presentations on each group´s selected theme. Through team work, students will also perform market studies, analyse competitors, and explore social and usability aspects of a proposed project. Each student group will jointly present their project to an evaluation panel, and the winning group, will be offered a study visit to one of the EIT Digital Nodes or associated companies.

Contact the local organisers in Paris:

Daniela Cancila and Belgacem Ben Hedia (summerschoolcps@gmail.comcom)


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