Summer Schools 2016

EIT Digital Summer Schools

EIT Digital offers a portfolio of thematic Summer Schools.

Summer Schools are prominent educational events in EIT Digital's front running education experience: they provide meeting places for students, researchers and business people, they offer opportunities to get inspired and to be exposed to new developments, and they have a strong Innovation & Entrepreneurship component in a learning-by-doing approach.

For the Master School students, attending one of the Summer Schools is a mandatory two-week event (4 ECTS), where most of the time is devoted to a business plan development project and to thematic presentations, company visits, and social activities. So, the summer school does involve two weeks of intense project work with almost no leisure time.

Check out the video of the EIT Digital Summer Schools in 2015:

EIT Digital Summer Schools 2015

Application and admission

The admission for the Summer School is open to everyone who is interested but please note that seats are limited and priority is given to students of the EIT Digital Master School. Admission is subject to the approval of each local Summer School organisers. There is a selection process for admission based on education level, background knowledge and motivation.

EIT Digital offers 150 places to external participants (means non-Master School students). There is a reviewing process for all external participants, judging your education level, background knowledge and motivation. Each external candidate is asked to submit a motivation/application letter (about 500 words max) and a CV upon registration.

The Master School students do receive a full semester of entrepreneurship and business training prior to the summer school. To bring external participants on par with the internal participants, you will be asked to complete an online Innovation & Entrepreneurship online starter kit which requires approximately 8 hours to complete and it can be started several times.

If you are interested in participating in the EIT Digital Summer Schools, please check out the programme of upcoming events. The application deadline for external applications for the Summer School Programme is Sunday May 15. You will receive notification by the end of May.

Early applications that arrive by April 15, will receive notification by May 15.


Registration has closed.

Costs & Stipends

Participation in the Summer Schools is free for EIT Digital students as well as all programme items, catering and social events during the Summer School.

For external students the participation in the Summer School costs 250 EUR. In addition we estimate costs for lodging and travel within Europe to 1300 EUR.

Stipends are available for students coming from a subset of European countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Malta. Stipends to the Summer School students coming from these countries include all costs (fee, travel, lodging, catering during the course).

Please indicate your citizenship.


For all questions regarding the Summer Schools 2016, we refer to Marja Mustonen (marja.mustonen@eitdigital.comeu).

Overview of Summer Schools 2016

This year nine summer schools are organised for the eight thematic Action Lines of EIT Digital. Deadline for all summer schools is May 15 for all external students.

Summer School Location Date Registration
Cyber-Physical Systems Paris June 27 - July 8 - Closed
Future Cloud Stockholm June 27 - July 9 - Closed
Future Networking Solutions Stockholm August 1-13 - Closed
Health & Wellbeing I Eindhoven August 7-19 - Closed
Health & Wellbeing II London July 31 - August 12 - Closed
Privacy, Security & Trust Trento June 26 - July 8 - Closed
Smart Energy Systems Karlsruhe July 25 - August 5 - Closed
Smart Spaces Helsinki August 8 - 19 - Closed
Urban Life and Mobility Paris July 11 - 22 - Closed

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